Riverdale Showrunner Teases Dark Tales Ahead In Season 2

Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre Sacasa has teased dark times ahead in Riverdale season 2. When The CW’s Archie Comics series returns this fall, Sacasa will continue to push its protagonists into creepy territory. Recently, it was revealed that Lili Reinhart’s "broken" Betty will be the focal point of this year’s central mystery.

Of course, season 1 left off with most of the main players in dark situations. Jughead was still involved with the Southside Serpents, Archie’s family was under attack by a masked gunman, Cheryl attempted suicide and burnt her mansion down, and Betty learned about Alice’s abandoned child. It’ll be interesting to see how things can get any more miserable for this band of attractive youngsters.

The arrival of a new villain known as The Sugar Man could have something to do with it, as could the transformation of Pop’s Diner from a safe haven to a horror setting – which has been teased by a gloomy poster. However the darkness ends up growing in season 2, it looks like episode 7 will be a particularly frightful one. Here’s what Sacasa has teasingly said on Twitter:

This is one of my FAVORITE scripts for #Riverdale so far… But it won’t be for Jughead, Josie, and Betty…

— RobertoAguirreSacasa (@WriterRAS) August 22, 2017

So, “Chapter Twenty” of Riverdale – which will be the seventh episode of season 2 – is going by the title “Tales From The Darkside”. The script, which was written by James DeWille, is one of Sacasa’s favorites so far. “But it won’t be for Jughead, Josie and Betty”, according to his ominous tweet. Perhaps this episode will see the Sugar Man properly coming to blows with the central gang for the first time.

If that episode title sounds familiar, it’s probably because Tales from the Darkside was an anthology series created by George A. Romero, which debuted in 1983 and ran for 89 episodes. The series was renowned for its twist endings, and it took in elements of horror, sci-fi, fantasy and black comedy. It remains to be seen if Riverdale season 2 episode 7 will be an overt homage to this classic show, or if Sacasa just liked the title.

This isn’t the only Riverdale season 2 episode title which points to a horror influence. “The Watcher In The Woods” and “The Town The Dreaded Sundown” have also been announced, as the titles for episodes three and four of the run, respectively. Additionally, it's been announced that episode six of the season is entitled “Death Proof”. Riverdale is wearing its influences on its sleeve, then, and it seems safe to expect truly pitch black level of darkness.

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Riverdale season 2 premieres on The CW on Wednesday, October 11.

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