Archie Tries to Save Pop's In New Trailer for 'Nighthawks'

The promo for the upcoming second episode of Riverdale season 2, 'Nighthawks', has been released. Riverdale returned with the season 2 premiere last night, and anyone who thought the second season would have fewer mysteries and secrets than the first discovered they were sorely mistaken. While most of the episode focused on the fate of Fred Andrews after he was shot in the season 1 finale, the ensemble show stayed true to form by giving many of the characters their own drama to deal with.

Veronica suspects one or both of her parents might have been responsible for the attempt on Fred's life. Jughead was made accessory to a violent crime after he asked the Southside Serpents for help, the very sort of situation that Betty is trying to keep him away from. Cheryl is both lying for and threatening her mother, and it turns out Penelope Blossom might have staged her husband's apparent suicide as revenge for her son. Meanwhile, Archie is on high alert, willing to do whatever it takes to protect his Dad. And Fred was not the only target, it looks like the same person who shot Fred also murdered Miss Grundy in the final moments of the episode.

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Now the promo for the second episode of the season - titled 'Nighthawks' - has been shared by The CW and it seems Archie and his friends have another target to protect: Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Watch the promo above.

The local teen hangout was the location of Fred Andrews' shooting, which might be the reason the diner is in trouble. In any case, throughout the trailer are scenes from Pop's, including one showing the side of the building tagged with graffiti dubbing it "Death Diner" and another where Cheryl and the Pussycats apparently hold some kind of rooftop concert. Whether they are raising money or simply trying to drum up business remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the teenagers of Riverdale seem to be struggling with various personal drama once again. Veronica remains at odds with her father, unable to go back to the way things were. Jughead is trying to protect his father from being sent to jail for the next 20 years and it's clearly taking a toll. Betty and Cheryl have some kind of confrontation. And after finding out about Miss Grundy, Archie seems to be convinced that whoever the killer is, he's targeting the people Archie cares about - meaning Jughead, Veronica, Betty, Kevin, Josie and the Pussycats, Reggie and the rest of the football team, and his parents could all be in grave danger. To protect the people he loves, it looks like Archie is starting his own investigation.

The murder of Jason Blossom may have been solved, but it seems like nothing remains quiet or safe in Riverdale. Not for long anyway.

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Riverdale continues with 'Nighthawks' on Wednesday, Oct 18 on the CW. Source: The CW

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