Riverdale Season 2 Actor Hints at 'Bughead' Love Triangle

Riverdale: Betty Will Fight to Stay With Jughead

Riverdale season 2 could be gearing towards a 'Bughead' love triangle, with the introduction of Toni Topaz. The character will be a Southside Serpent, the motorbike gang that Jughead is now involved with after the events of the season one finale. Topaz is known for having pink hair and also a strong appetite, which definitely makes her a good match with Jughead. All the characters in Riverdale are based on Archie Comics characters, and this latest addition to the cast will cause some relationship problems in the eponymous, not so quiet town.

Of course, teen drama and relationship issues won't take up the entire season. The mystery of who killed Jason Blossom may have been solved, but the showrunners have already revealed that season two will be darker and scarier thanks in part to a dangerous figure known as 'The Sugar Man', as has been teased by Riverdale creator and showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. That being said, it sounds like Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper will have plenty to deal with, in addition to possible killers running around their hometown.

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The show's current relationship problems may be instigated by Vanessa Morgan, playing Toni Topaz. The pink haired character will be part of the Southside plot involving Jughead, now that he's moved to that part of town. She'll be the first to make him feel welcome at his new school, and likely bring him into a new social circle. When speaking to Glamour, Vanessa Morgan spoke about Toni's bisexuality and what her character will be getting up to during Riverdale season two:

"She's a Southside Serpent, a gang member, and Jughead's first friend. So I might stir up the pot a bit with the Bughead relationship. There might be a little love triangle. Lili and Cole are awesome, and they have been nothing but welcoming to me. It’s great doing scenes with them. Who knows if [my character coming between Bughead] is even going to happen. It's so huge because I have so many bisexual friends [in real life]…. I'm happy to be representing [that with this character]"

The actor has clearly been working with Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart frequently, so it's likely that we'll see plenty of tension between their three characters. What's interesting in the interview is how she mentions that the character's bisexuality. She doesn't specifically mention that it will become part of the story, but she also doesn't tease whether Toni will be interested in Jughead or Betty. Although she mentions that she will be Jughead's first friend, it might be Betty who she's actually interested in. After all, Betty will be the focal point of the mystery in season two apparently, so her life is obviously about to get a lot more complicated.

The couple won't be the only pair dealing with relationship troubles, as Veronica's ex-boyfriend will also be coming to to the show (as played by Graham Phillips). While Archie and Veronica might seem like a great pairing, the return of her ex might not go over so well, especially since Archie will be struggling with the consequences of his Father's shooting last season. With six weeks to go, who do you think shot Fred Andrews?

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Riverdale returns on Wednesday, October 11 on The CW.

Source: Glamour

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