Riverdale Season 2 Casts Supergirl’s Brit Morgan

Brit Morgan is joining the cast of Riverdale in season 2. The first season of Riverdale showed audiences a very different small town than the one that has been appearing in comic books for decades. On the show, Riverdale has been the home to various shady people committing all sorts of terrible crimes. From the high school teacher sleeping with her underage student and the various criminal behaviors of the Southside Serpents to the kidnapping and murder of Jason Blossom by his own father in order to protect his drug business, the town of Riverdale may look like a beautiful and safe place to raise a family - but the truth is that it's dangerous.

And season 2 promises even more of that shadiness. The life ruining Hiram Lodge is on his way to join his wife and daughter. The Blossom women - not exactly the most trustworthy of people to begin with - are in a more desperate position than they have ever been before. Someone shot Fred Andrews. While FP Jones was cleared of Jason's murder, he remains in jail for taking part in the teenager's abduction and for covering up the murder. And that's just what we know so far.

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Actually, we know something else. Brit Morgan - Livewire on Supergirl - is coming to Riverdale. According to Deadline, Morgan will play Penny Peabody, aka Snake Charmer. She's a lawyer who is willing to help out the Southside Serpents in exchange for favors. Something Jughead, who is trying to help his father, is destined to find out the hard way.

Supergirl Season 2 Leslie Willis Livewire Brit Morgan

Peabody sounds like a character who is right up Morgan's alley. Aside from playing the shock jockey turned villain Livewire on Supergirl she is also known for playing werewolf Debbie Pelt on True Blood. Characters of questionable or even sinister motives seems to be something that Morgan does well, so whoever Peabody is, she should fit right into Riverdale.

Since Skeet Ulrich was promoted from recurring character to regular for season 2, it's clear that FP's story is far from over. How much Peabody is a part of that story remains to be seen. As does whether she will stick around after FP presumably gets out of prison.

But it seems the Snake Charmer will mostly be interacting with Jughead. The teenager has already been welcomed into the Serpents, and will be separating from his friends and girlfriend Betty Cooper as he goes to live in foster care and transfers schools. He's certainly in a vulnerable place, and most likely easy pickings for someone like Peabody to take advantage of. Whatever the favor she expects of Jughead, if it is for his father, he will certainly pay it. Though he will most likely regret that decision.

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Riverdale season 2 premieres Wednesday October 11 at 8pm on The CW.

Source: Deadline

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