Riverdale: Betty's Family Will Be 'Front & Center For Her' Next Year

Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa reveals that Betty Cooper's family will be "front and center for her" when the series returns with new episodes next year. Throughout season 2, Betty's storyline has been entangled with the Black Hood and his plot to eradicate sinners from Riverdale. Being the source of inspiration for the masked villain put an extreme amount of pressure on Betty, forcing her at one point to tap into her darkness and push those she loves out of her life, like Veronica and former boyfriend Jughead Jones.

Betty, played by Lili Reinhart, has always been the black sheep in disguise and one of the more complex characters on the show. While outwardly she appears as the good-girl-next-door trope, she has a dark side that was introduced in the first season episode 'Body Double' when she debuted her black bob wig and lacy lingerie after drugging bad-boy Chuck with muscle relaxers, handcuffing him in a hot tub and almost boiling him alive all because he was passing around a notebook that rated girls in the high school. While revenge was certainly justified, Betty seemed to go a bit too far and even surprised herself. This season we got to see more of "Darth Betty" during FP Jones' retirement party when she started stripping and pole dancing at the Serpent's bar as part of a ritual bringing her closer to Jughead's world.

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In a new interview with ComicBook, Aguirre-Sacasa reveals that the second half of the season will revolve around the darkness within Betty and how it connects with her family's assorted past. This season we learned that Betty's grandfather was involved in the murder of an innocent man, which spurred the Black Hood (revealed to be janitor Joe Svenson) to repent his sins and seek justice on the town after he accused the wrong man of killing his family, resulting in an innocent's death. Here is what he said:

"I think Betty's big series arc will always be kind of relate back to the kind of darkness within her. I think she's always trying to figure out where that comes from and I think one of the theories is that she inherited it from her family. So I think that that's a story that we'll always be telling with Betty, some version of it. So yeah, we're going to explore that for sure in the second half of the season, and yeah Betty's family will absolutely kind of be front and center for her for a bit."

Out of all the families in Riverdale, Betty's has to be the most complicated. We found out in the first season that he great-grandfather was a Blossom, making her and her sister Polly cousins to Cheryl and her deceased brother Jason. What complicated matters is when Polly fell in love and became pregnant with Jason's twins - shaming the family and causing Hal Cooper to send his daughter away to the Sister's of Quiet Mercy group home to hide the pregnancy. To complicate matters even more, Betty's long-lost brother Chic Cooper will be making an appearance when the show returns in January, adding only more drama to the Cooper household. Here is what Aguirre-Sacasa revealed about Chic's arrival:

"Just watch. I'll tell you what, he doesn't come in with a whimper, I'll tell you that much."

It sounds like Chic's arrival will certainly create more drama for Betty as Riverdale returns to our small screens in 2018. We also have a feeling things are only going to be darker for Betty as it's been teased that the Black Hood drama may not be over and that the Joe Svenson reveal may have been a cop-out. Some fans are even theorizing that Betty might even be the Black Hood since the last scene shows her pulling the hood out of the fireplace as she burns the clues and cyphers the Black Hood was sending her throughout the season, which would make for a better twist than the mysterious janitor being the big bad.

Screen Rant will keep you updated on all Riverdale news, the series returns to The CW on Wednesday, January 17, 2018.

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Source: ComicBook

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