Riverdale Season 2 Won't Jeopardize Core Archie Comics Relationships

Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa in Riverdale

Cole Sprouse is aware how much the core cast of Riverdale has been fractured by the events of season 2, but he doesn't think there'll be any lasting resentment between Jughead, Archie, Betty, or Veronica. That's good news for fans, as season 2 has taken the series from the small-town murder mystery that filtered through season 1 to something more akin to a horror or slasher film, what with the Black Hood Killer on the loose, taunting Betty and forever turning the song 'Lollipop' into an (even more) nauseating tune with a pretty significant creep factor.

But even with a mysterious killer roaming the town, there's plenty more for the main four to deal with, like Jughead's initiation with the Serpents, the arrival of Veronica's criminal father Hiram Lodge, and, most recently, the attempted sexual assault of Cheryl by Nick St. Clair. Needless to say, the Riverdale High classmates have a lot on their respective plates this season, which may lead to some hurt feelings between the show's main characters.

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While it may seem as though the characters are on the outs, looks can been deceiving, according to Jughead himself, Cole Sprouse. During a recent visit to the Riverdale set that was attended by Screen Rant, Sprouse says any falling out is all in the name of good drama, and that while Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica will undoubtedly have their emotional ups and downs, and say things they might later come to regret, The CW's series won't undo nearly 80 years worth of relationship building. Sprouse said:

KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse in Riverdale

"I think they're… young kids. I mean they fight, they make up. They fight, they make up. And I think nothing so serious has happened between these kind of impenetrable, 75-year-old relationships that [will be ruined by] Jughead going 'I don't want to see your damn faces anymore.' But episode 6 ('Death Proof') is one of those scenarios where he has to recruit the help of these people that he doesn't really want to turn to. And he'd like to handle it himself, but he can't. No man is an island, especially not Jughead."

So far in the early goings of season 2, Jughead's main concern has been dealing with the Serpents and how the pull of that group has changed his relationship with Betty. And of course when Betty's concerned Archie's not far behind, regardless of each other's respective romantic status. Thankfully, Archie and Jughead's friendship has been strained before, as evidenced by the first few episodes in season 1, and the two managed to put that drama behind them, which certainly validates Sprouse's comments.

Still, with the Black Hood Killer taking an unwelcome interest in Betty and everything else that's going on in what has already been an even darker season than the one before, the core four Archie Comics characters will likely find themselves back in one another's good graces sooner rather than later.

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Riverdale continues next Wednesday with 'Tales From the Darkside' @8pm on The CW.

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