Riverdale Season 1 Finale Trailer: More Secrets Will Be Revealed

It appear there are still some secrets left for Riverdale to reveal during its season 1 finale, 'The Sweet Hereafter'. Watch the trailer for more!

[SPOILERS ahead for those not caught up on Riverdale.]


A new teaser trailer for the Riverdale season one finale hints at more secrets buried deep. Most of us are still recovering from Riverdale Chapter 12, when it was revealed that Clifford Blossom had murdered his own son, Jason. Not only did he kill him, but Clifford then took his own life, too. In doing so, he now raises even more questions surrounding exactly how the Blossom family came by their money; since he had knocked over a barrel containing packages of drugs.

While the reveal of a murderer would normally be expected as a grand finale cliff-hanger (Cliff Blossom pun not intended), Riverdale season one chose to unmask the killer in its penultimate episode, and a new teaser trailer for the season finale, explains why. Take a look at the video above, above, then check out a new poster for Riverdale, below.

With FP Jones still behind bars and facing a lengthy sentence owing to his cover-up, and Joaquin seemingly quitting town altogether, it's going to be down to Betty 'Nancy Drew' Cooper and her friends to shed some more light on the situation, and it looks as though they find out a fair bit before season one is done. With news that Hiram Lodge's homecoming is imminent, we'd bet that he's not as innocent as Veronica would now like to think he is; after all, he was receiving payments from Clifford Blossom right up until he went to jail. Was that for drugs, maybe? Is Hiram the "wicked" that Betty refers to when she says "Something wicked this way comes," or is she referring to more Blossom family secrets? Surely they can't be related to anyone else?

It will be interesting to see how Cheryl Blossom fares in the wake of all she has learned, plus her dad's suicide. Does she have the stomach for the family business as Cliff had suggested, or is she a decent person underneath all that lipstick? There's a glimpse in the trailer to suggest Batty will once again be struggling to keep her anger under control; she had marked her hands with her nails, as she's shown to Jughead before.

There are so many questions surrounding the Riverdale season one finale, and this trailer only serves to add even more to our list. Not only do we need to see if FP can get out of jail, and why Archie is busy singing when clearly there's more pressing matters to be dealing with, but we also want answers to more. Who is that, standing on the table, and who are they beating up? Who is Archie punching? Where on earth does Riverdale go in season 2? Hopefully we'll get answers to at least some of that, when 'The Sweet Hereafter' airs.

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Riverdale season 1 concludes with ‘Chapter Thirteen: 'The Sweet Hereafter' on Thursday, May 11th on The CW.

Source: The CW

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