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The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina is teeming with references to Riverdale and the Archie Comics. Fans have picked up on new Easter eggs in every episode. Some of these references even provide foreshadowing for future episodes, making them twice as fun to spot. A few of them seem to hint that Archie and the gang may be fictional in Sabrina’s universe. Whether you buy into that theory or not, these tie-ins are too fun not to find. Each one makes fans more hungry for an eventual crossover that could bring the supernatural to the town of Riverdale. Check out our list and see if there’s anything we didn’t catch.

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10. Archie And Betty On TV In The Opening

The opening of The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina is pretty fantastic. The funky style pays the perfect homage to the original comics. The themed music and animations are spooky and playful, and the character portraits are spot on. For the observant fan, there’s even a Riverdale reference in the background. One scene features Sabrina relaxing in front of the TV, and she just so happens to be watching Archie and Betty in their comic glory. This is also where the credits mention the original comics so it’s only fitting. This is probably one of the most obvious references to the tie-in.

9. Bowling Tournament Poster

The hallowed halls of Baxter High School hold a ton of Riverdale Easter eggs for those on the lookout. This reference may not be as on-the-nose as the one in the opening credits, but keep your eyes open.

During a transition scene, students flood a busy hallway. One is seen pinning a small flyer to a cork board. The flyer announces a bowling match between the Riverdale Bulldogs and the Greendale Ravens. How wholesome is that, right? The reference establishes the playful rivalry between the two schools and drives home the proximity of these two fictional towns.

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8. Ben Button Back From The Dead

Out of all the Riverdale references in Sabrina, this one probably makes the least sense. Unless Greendale is some kind of bucolic afterlife, we have no idea how to explain this one.

Late one night, Madam Satan orders a pizza in episode seven. The doorbell rings, her pizza arrives, and who do we find standing on her front porch? None other than the recently deceased Ben Button. He’s even wearing a name tag identifying himself. There is no way around it. Ben died in Riverdale but is still delivering pizzas—alive—in Greendale. Or could it be madam satan gets her takeout directly from the ovens of Hell?

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7. Riverdale Funeral Home

After Harvey’s older brother Tommy dies tragically in the mines, arrangements have to be made for his funeral. His father, however, chooses not to do business with the Spellmans who run a family mortuary. That’s probably because Sabrina uses magic to bring Tommy back and creates a soulless shell of a man. Whoops. Harvey tells Sabrina that his father has been working with the funeral home in Riverdale to plan Tommy's service. This opens up a whole slew of questions: Who runs this funeral home in Riverdale? How many families in Greendale chose their services over the Spellmans? And do the two businesses ever work together in cases of overflow?

6. The Archies Thermos

Some Easter eggs make more sense than others. For instance, this lunchtime scene may leave you with more questions than answers. Sabrina is definitely bringing her best game when it comes to lunch accessories. While everyone else shows up with a brown bag, she’s got a thermos with flair. We see Sabrina carrying the thermos with images of principal Weatherbee and The Archies around it. It doesn't make much sense for comic characters to own merchandise from characters in their own universe, though. It’s not as confusing as Ben Button back from the dead delivering pizzas, but it’s a head-scratcher for sure.

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5. Jughead Was Here

Fans of Jughead who keep their eyes peeled are in for a real treat. This Easter egg is one of the more well-hidden ones we find throughout the show. Be ready with that pause button if you’d like to catch it yourself because on top of a bookshelf at Baxter High, there is a reference to Jughead Jones you won't want to miss. Fans can catch a glimpse of a Jughead crown carved into the wood next to the words “was here.” This is the first concrete proof we have that one of Archies original gang had been there.

4. Weird Sisters

Everyone was a little surprised when Sabrina teamed up with the Weird Sisters in episode two. Her motivations were pure, of course. She needed to teach some bullies a lesson and defend Susie. The confrontation between the unlikely allies and the jerky jocks produced one of the most blatant references to Riverdale in the show. Sabrina tells the meatheads that the Weird Sisters don’t go to Baxter High, which is when one of them asks if they go to Riverdale High. It doesn’t get much more blatant than that.

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3. Mad House Poster

Some of the best Easter eggs come in the form of subtle background art; Sabrina’s thermos is a great example of this. Archie and Betty’s TV appearance in the opening credits is also another subtle example.

During episode three, there is a reference to the original Archie comics on Harvey’s wall. In this scene, he’s having an epic showdown with his father. If the family drama distracts you, you might miss the poster on Harvey’s wall, but it features the cover images from Archies Madhouse. This isn't the last we will see of these comic book covers, though, because one shows up in episode four.

2. Jughead’s Time Police Villain


In episode six, “An Exorcism in Greendale,” a mysterious force of evil hangs over the town. Harvey, Susie, and Roz decide it's a great idea to investigate the blight. Who doesn't feel a supernatural presence in their town and want to get closer? They decide that an exorcism is the only solution. During the exorcism, Sabrina calls upon the names of many powerful supernatural women from the past — invoking the name of Morgan le Fay. Le Fay was King Arthur's older sister and the enemy of Jughead in Jughead's Time Police. This direct reference to the early '90s comic also suggests that Archie and the gang are fictional characters in this universe.

1. Afterlife With Archie

Episode six holds another reference to the classic comics. During a scene in "Cerberus Books," Luke is clearly holding a copy of Afterlife with Archie. Not only does this continue the implication that Archie is a fictional character in this universe, but it also references Sabrina’s bad habit of bringing things back from the dead. Maybe this is a tantalizing clue for serious fans of the comics. But it provides some serious foreshadowing, nonetheless. In Afterlife with Archie, Jughead's beloved pup Hot Dog is hit by a car and in an attempt to help, Sabrina brings him back from the dead. Unfortunately, Jug's old friend is not the same. Sabrina would make the same misguided mistake with Tommy in the next episode.

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