15 Photos That Would Get The Riverdale Cast Banned From The North Side

The CW’s Riverdale has no shortage of mystery, drama, and waffle toppings-- and that’s not even counting all of the teenage angst, eye-rolling, and on-again-off-again relationships.

However, Riverdale’s North Side High School students have reputations to protect. These are the high class, well-behaved, pretty kids with excellent singing voices and even better mystery-solving skills who are expected to excel at sports, date the most revered student in class, and get good grades with very little variation beyond all that. Imagine the backlash that the North Side kids would face if they were anything like their actors.

In real life, of course, the cast of Riverdale is incredibly different from its various reserved onscreen personas. They are wild, scandalous, and all kinds of hilarious. They dress dangerously, eat provocatively, and don’t know when to say no to a downright awful face swap app.

No matter how loyal Juggie’s newfound Serpent friends may actually be, one look at these pics and they’d never set foot in Jughead’s tiny trailer ever again.

Here are the 15 Photos That Would Get The Riverdale Cast Banned From The North Side.

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15 Madelaine Goes Rocky Horror

Intimacy, drugs, and jazz hands-- that’s what The Rocky Horror Picture Show is all about. It's not exactly small town high school fare, but don’t tell that to Cheryl Blossom actress Madelaine Petsch.

The cult film began as an obscure bomb and blossomed into one of the most popular cult movies of all time, thanks in no small part to the audience members who love to show up to the viewings in full costume.

The fiery redhead wore her musical theater heart on her sleeve when she posted an Instagram photo of herself perfectly decked out as Rocky Horror’s resident maid Magenta.

The boots, the fishnets, the wild curls -- Madelaine’s costume had it all. She even posed for the photo on a bed. There's also the fact that the well-to-do Blossom is masquerading as a servant. Clifford Blossom would be beside himself with the brashness of it all.

14 KJ’s Cereal

Riverdale’s resident redhead, Archie, is well-known for his famously chronic lack of shirt… and, apparently, so is his real-life counterpart KJ Apa. The New Zealand actor just can’t get enough of his Fruit Loops.

He made sure that his fans knew how seriously he takes his cereal when he posted a photo of himself chowing down on his favorite meal-- no shirt, no bowl, no problem.

KJ simply tipped the box of cereal and ate it straight out of the package, with no milk or anything. Sure, he lacks some basic table manners -- and a table, for that matter -- but he more than made up for it with his totally confident yet effortless laidback attitude.

You cantry to tell him that he’s doing it wrong, but telling him how to eat cereal is the least of your worries.

13 Cami Mistreats A Diner Booth

Diner booths may be known for eating, kissing, and planning hijinks, but they are not for posing. You hear that, Camila Mendes?

Can you imagine the uproar that Cami’s intimate photo shoot would have caused if her onscreen counterpart Veronica Lodge had waltzed into Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe and started straddling the booths? It would have created utter chaos amongst the other characters.

Cami’s shoot was part of a back-to-school campaign -- which also starred her best friend and Riverdale costar Lili Reinhart -- for Bongo Taps and it was lovely. The all-American road trip vibe was a wonderful touch even if the intimate poses went against everything that the sleepy little town of Riverdale pretends to stand for.

12 Lili’s Peaches

With her gorgeously big blue eyes and angelically wavy blonde hair, Lili Reinhart practically screams old Hollywood glamour. While her onscreen counterpart, Betty Cooper, screams '50s innocence and preppy chic, this photo is a real testament to the young actress’s flirty charm. However, it’s also quite risqué, especially as far as sweet, innocent Betty is concerned.

When Lili posted this photo of herself wearig a shaggy peach vest and nothing else, co-star and reported boyfriend Cole Sprouse couldn’t help but comment on his (allegedly) lady’s get-up.

His response? “Tempt me!” That’s more than enough evidence for us. With or without a formal admission of the relationship between the two famously private actors, we’re convinced that these two are the real deal. 

11 Cole’s Smokin’ Photo Shoot

Cole Sprouse is just as nerdy, awkward, brooding, talented, intelligent, and dare we say,gorgeous as his Riverdale character Jughead. He quickly became a fan favorite for viewers of all ages.

He even allegedly caught the eye of his Bughead counterpart Lili Reinhart. Jughead has always been Riverdale’s dark horse, but this photo might be a bit much even for him. If the lack of wardrobe here weren’t risqué enough, the cigarette certainly brings this one over the top.

Cole’s broody image is just as apparent in his real-life photo shoots as it is on the show. This photo of a shirtless Cole staring into the distance smoking a cigarette brings to mind the golden days of Hollywood bad boys like Johnny Depp and James Dean. It is a far cry from Juggie’s cringe-inducing “I’m a weirdo” speech.

10 The Steamy Pizza Party

Being the new guy is tough at any high school, but being the new guy at a super popular teen drama high school featuring tons of hotties and murder mysteries is the absolute worst.

When Charles Melton was brought in to replace Ross Butler as Reggie, Camila Mendes and KJ Apa made sure that he felt welcome with a little pizza party… a very intimate pizza party.

The trio put on their best model faces and struck a pose with their saucy slices. The boys went shirtless, of course, while Cami opted for a pizza bikini, with her her bottom slice already missing a bite. The suggestive photo op just goes to show you that you can’t have your pizza bikini and eat it too.

9 KJ And Casey Get Their Drink On

We all know the North Side kids drink a lot-- maybe even as much as the South Siders do. We definitely know what happens every time they throw a party. However, these are the preppy kids. The “goodie-goodies” who drink when their parents are out of town and refuse to admit to their questionable refreshment choices.

Then there's KJ Apa and Casey Cott, who are choosing to booze it up in plain sight. The two are close friends in real life. So when the cameras stop rolling, they don’t mind getting in a little bro time.

Here, KJ and Casey (who portrays Kevin Keller) are kicking back after a long day with a tall glass of Guinness and the knowledge that they’ve always got each other’s backs.

8 This Horrifying Face Swap

Everybody loves a good face swap, but sometimes these goofy photos are just plain wrong. This is definitely the case with this monstrosity, which depicts close friends and co-stars Lili Reinhart and Casey Cott posing for a photo together. Smiling and leaning in close, the pair truly put their friendship on display… or at least they did, until they decided to see what they'd look like with each others' face.

Casey posted the face swapped photo, and while he definitely pulls off Lili’s spaghetti strap dress and long, blonde tresses, we’re not sure that we’ll ever get over this image of Lili with a swatch of chest hair peeking out from Casey’s unbuttoned collar.

Some things are simply not meant to be-- and this is one of them. Most fans would like to forget that this ever happened.

7 Cami Mistreats A Milkshake

Camila Mendes’ Veronica consumes a high number of milkshakes in Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, but she never eats them like this. Cami showed off her sweet tooth in a photo that looked like it was taken in Riverdale’s very own malt shop.

The kids hanging out at Pop’s shop are supposed to be sweet and innocent, but this photo shows the exact opposite, bringing out an intimate and amorous vibe.

The raven-haired beauty was decked out in Veronica Lodge’s iconic vintage yet preppy style, with a decadent-looking strawberry shake in the foreground and the hazy diner lighting lending a retro vibe in the back.

Only Cami’s stray cell phone lying facedown on the table was left as a reminder that this is not your typical Riverdale. That, and Cami’s sultry tasting of the whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles, of course.

6 Charles’s Bloody American Horror Story Stint

Yes, Riverdale started its Freshman season with a very dead Jason Blossom and ended the same storyline with a shot and bleeding Fred Andrews. However, Charles Melton’s season 5 stint on American Horror Story: Hotel goes far beyond anything that the town of Riverdale has ever-- and probably will ever-- see.

Charles shared a photo of his brief time on the anthology horror show online. In the picture, he is flanked by the two actresses who portrayed the doomed tourists. Charles is covered from neck to hip in smeary, sticky blood.

His hair is flawless, but every other part of him looks like it's been finger painted in blood. No matter how dark the residents of Riverdale become, they will never compare to the sticky gore of AHS.

5 Lili Breaks Bad

Betty Cooper has an iconically dark (and totally attractive) alter ego. However, Dark Betty has a lot in common with another popular blonde character who also suffers from personalities problems: Harley Quinn. The only exception is that Dark Betty doesn’t maul people with a baseball bat.

Betty actress Lili Reinhart showed off her mad cosplay skills with an uncanny rendition of Harley, complete with two-toned eyeshadow and adorably sly winking smile. Everything about this photo is so spot on it’s scary.

While we know that Lili looks absolutely perfect as the Joker’s main squeeze, we can’t imagine that any of Betty’s high school chums would approve of her villainous turn. Who are we kidding? Jughead’s probably all for it.

4 Another Even More Horrifying Face Swap

Just when you thought things could not possibly get any worse, they do-- they always do. If you thought Casey Cott and Lili Reinhart’s face swap photo was bad, just take a gander at Casey Cott and Camila Mendes’s horrifying shot.

The co-stars look as though their faces were imposed onto KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse’s heads, and is it not a good look for either of them.

The Riverdale cast is obviously made up of ridiculously good-looking actors. However, everything goes bad when you mix-and-match these beautiful faces. Cami looks nearly alien under KJ’s crop of fiery hair. 

Meanwhile, Casey, sporting Cole’s open soap opera shirt and windswept hairdo, could not look any more awkward. Please, no more face swaps.

3 Cole Always Smoking

The other cigarette photo wasn’t a simple one-off-- Cole Sprouse can be seen sucking on a cancer stick in lots of his photo shoots, such as this one, where he’s broodingly biting on his fingernail while sporting a very Jughead-like leather jacket.

However, it is the ever-prevalent cigarettes that have scared the heck out of many of his dedicated fans. Cole’s Instagram following began to fear for the young actor’s health since it seems like he's always smoking.

Fans flooded his profile with pleas for him to please stop wrecking his health with the incessant habit. Many pointed out how dangerous the habit is for your health, while some even chided the actor for making smoking look attractive.

2 The Girl Next Door Gets A Tattoo

Betty Cooper is supposed to be the good girl of Riverdale. She’s the one with the good grades and the sensible wardrobe. She’s the bookish journalistic type, though she only made it onto the cheerleading squad via blackmail (Veronica threatened to quit if the two didn’t come as a package deal). Everything about Betty is so terribly vanilla… except for her tattoos.

Lili Reinhart’s personal tattoos have carried over on the screen. The actress has a tiny cross tattoo on her finger, which proved itself to be a logistical nightmare for the Riverdale crew to keep hidden.

They eventually gave up even trying to keep Lili’s ink covered up. If you look closely, you can spot the tat on Betty.

1 Cami Shows Off Her Dark Side

The Riverdale girls keep their dark sides hidden away from the world. Betty wouldn’t dare reveal her evil alter ego to anyone but her beloved Juggie. At the same time, Veronica worked hard to keep her dad’s dirty deeds firmly under wraps. However, that doesn’t mean that Camila Mendes has to hide her darker side.

In this suggestive Instagram post, Cami shows that she can rock a leather jacket just as well -- if not better -- than Jughead any day of the week.

The Riverdale actress proudly sported her leather accessory with a sassy printed T-shirt that reminded us all who exactly is in charge here. She might not be half of your favorite 'ship and she might not sport Riverdale’s famous red hair, but we all answer to Cami-- and don’t you forget it.


What do you think? Would the cast of Riverdale be thrown out of North Side for these scandalous photos? Let us know in the comments!

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