Danger Rears its Head in Riverdale 'The Noose Tightens' Trailer

Spoilers for those not caught up on Riverdale

The trailer for upcoming Riverdale episode "The Noose Tightens" has been released. There may be several more weeks before season 2 of Riverdale comes to an end. But for many of the characters, secrets are being revealed and plans - often cruel and evil ones - are coming to light.

In the most recent episode "Primary Colors", the extent of Veronica's knowledge of her parent's plans for the Southside were revealed to her friends and Chic told Alice some of Betty's secrets as well, and threatened her so badly she left home. Meanwhile, Cheryl revealed to her friends that she was afraid of her uncle, and started to suspect her mother of evil as well. But when she confronted her mother with her suspicions, things did not go exactly as Cheryl planned, and she ended up at Sisters for Quiet Mercy - the same place Polly was sent to give birth - for conversion therapy. And Archie continued to alienate some of the people he's closest to - his parents and Jughead - in order to prove his loyalty to the Lodge family. Not that there is ever any stopping Jughead when he believes in something strongly. And Archie's commitment to the Lodges will be further tested as his father runs against Hermione for mayor.


Now the trailer for next week's episode "The Noose Tightens" has been released by The CW. And it looks as though Cheryl's torment is just beginning, while everyone who covered up Chic's crime - Betty, Alice, Jughead, and FP - are in danger of being found out.

Cheryl is having an incredibly bad year. As if her twin brother being murdered by her own father wasn't bad enough, in the last few weeks alone she was nearly sexually assaulted and has struggled with her mother becoming a prostitute and discriminating against her for her sexual orientation. Now she has been locked away to be "cured" of her sexuality against her will, and her mother is lying about where she is. Not that it sounds like her new love interest Toni believes a word that Penelope Blossom says.

Meanwhile, as Chic recently pointed out to Betty, he may have been the one who commited a murder in the Cooper home, but he is not the one who cleaned up and disposed of the body. This means that it would be easy for him to pin the murder on her, not to mention their mother, Jughead, and his father. So the victim's car being found is the worst possible thing that could happen for everyone involved but him.

Hopefully Cheryl will be rescued before too long and the Coopers will be safe, if only so that they can star in Riverdale's production of the musical Carrie. However, the amount of hurt and damage they might suffer before then is unknown. It certainly looks like many of the citizens of Riverdale are in terrible danger, from those closest to them - their own families.


Riverdale continues on The CW with "The Noose Tightens" at 8pm on Wednesday, March 28.

Source: The CW

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