Riverdale Midseason Return Trailer Pits Archie Against Hiram

The Riverdale midseason trailer teases that when season 2 resumes, Archie Andrews and Hiram Lodge will literally be at each other's throats. Since the second year of the dark teen soap began, the classic rivalry between Archie and Hiram has existed mostly in the background. Archie and Hiram's antagonistic relationship is nearly as iconic in the comics as Archie being romantically torn between Hiram's daughter, Veronica, and Betty Cooper. Yet, Riverdale has pretty much ignored Archie and Hiram's interactions.

Now that The Black Hood story has been tied up (or at least appears to be), Riverdale is much more free to explore other and newer stories. Without the threat of a serial killer, Riverdale can be much more soapy and (hopefully) fun again. It appears that the Archie and Hiram rivalry will be leading that charge. Yet this is just one of several stories Riverdale will be dealing with in the rest of season 2. At least, that's if the trailer for the midseason return can be believed.

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Hiram and Archie are the title fight of the trailer. This is very much in a literal sense too. While Hiram can be seen telling Archie he's not "good enough" for his daughter, the trailer also shows the two getting physical. While it wouldn't be outlandish, especially on Riverdale, for that interaction to be of a sexual nature, it's not in the case. Evidently, Archie will be adding wrestling to his extracurricular school activities. Wrestling is something that Hiram is more than eager to show Archie he's better at too. The two will get into match, with Hiram apparently winning. Whether this will lead to another Archie and Veronica break-up is unknown. Yet things don't look like smooth sailing for the two.

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As mentioned, Hiram and Archie's showdown is just one story Riverdale hopes to tackle in the midseason premiere. The return of Riverdale season 2 will also bring with it a heavily anticipated character. Chic Cooper will make his debut in the winter premiere of the show, assuring that Betty and her family will remain a focus of the series, even without the Black Hood around. Yet, just because it appears Alice Cooper is reuniting with her long-lost son, it doesn't seem that like the reunion will be happy one. Alice can be seen sobbing, later in the trailer, with Betty comforting her.

Alice and Chic won't be the only uneasy reunion. Jughead will be coming back to Riverdale High... and he's bringing all of Southside with him. The Southside high school will be closing in the midseason premiere, and that means all the characters will be gathered under the same school roof. Being back with her ex-boyfriend is something that Betty claims to be happy about, but her tone suggests a very different reaction. Perhaps the kiss that Archie and Betty shared in the winter finale won't be so innocent or forgettable.

There's plenty else that's teased in the trailer too. Kevin appears to be spending time with his father's mistress, Mayor McCoy. Cheryl and her mother look to be in mourning (again) and, of course, there's a ton of shirtless and incredibly attractive people to oogle. Fans will just have to wait for the full episode for all the context and reveals.

Riverdale returns with "Chapter Twenty-Three: The Blackboard Jungle" on Wednesday, January 17 on The CW.

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