Riverdale Star Asks Kevin Smith to Direct an Episode

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Marisol Nichols has asked writer and director Kevin Smith if he would consider directing an episode of Riverdale. The actress, who plays Veronica Lodge's mother Hermione Lodge on the series, suggested that noted comic book fan Smith might be an ideal candidate for the job.

First airing as a midseason replacement in early 2017, Riverdale proved a surprising smash hit. The series is loosely based upon the characters from the classic Archie Comics but is hardly as fun and innocent as the adventures of Betty and Veronica one typically sees in the digest editions at the supermarket check-out line. The plots of Riverdale are decidedly more mature, centering upon the darkness underneath the seemingly innocent facade of the titular town.

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The request for Smith to take the helm was made by the actress on Twitter. Nichols made two tweets on the subject, referring to Smith's previous directorial work on The CW superhero series The Flash and Supergirl.

Smith replied to Nichols' tweet, saying that he was game but he doubted The Powers That Be would be interested in having him work on Riverdale. Smith affirmed his love of the show and working with executive producer Greg Berlanti in the past but said, in his typical self-deprecating fashion, that "you need zero help from the guy who directed Yoga Hosers."

Never a Hollywood darling, Kevin Smith has built up an impressive cult following in the 25 years since the release of his first independent film, Clerks, which he sold his comic collection to finance. Smith built up a following among self-proclaimed geeks, featuring comic book fandom culture in his films long before such things became readily accepted and adapted by the mainstream. In recent years, Smith has turned to television, producing the reality series Comic Book Men as well as directing episodes of The Goldbergs, The Flash and Supergirl. Smith is also well-known for his work as a comic book writer, having won critical acclaim for his run on Green Arrow.

Despite this, Smith says that Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim was not sold on the idea of Smith directing an episode of the darker series. Guggenheim allowed, however, that Smith's talents would prove a good fit for the more light-hearted Legends of Tomorrow. This seems a fair (if somewhat back-handed) assessment, as Smith is better known as a director of comedy than high-action. While Smith's mini-series Quiver did touch upon some fairly dark subject matter, it was still a largely optimistic story that restored the classic Oliver Queen with the Robin Hood cap to the DC Comics Universe.

It remains to be seen if Berlanti will accommodate Nichols' wishes and recruit Smith, but it cannot be denied that Smith knows the characters. An infamous scene in Smith's film Chasing Amy involved a humorous discussion of the sex lives of various Archie Comics characters. Shockingly, some of what was suggested in the movie is far more tame that what has made it on-screen in Riverdale some 20 years later.

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