Riverdale: Jughead’s Father ‘In the Hot Seat’ For Jason’s Murder


Ever since the first episode of Riverdale there has been a huge mystery hanging over the town: who killed Jason Blossom? Nearly everyone is a suspect, especially since it was discovered that Jason died a week after he went missing, and during that time he was apparently held against his will somewhere. Each episode reveals more clues as to who the killer is, and more questions as well, with different possibilities at the forefront every new week.

Until recently the main candidates have appeared to be someone in the Cooper family, but the last episode revealed another possibility: FP Jones, father of the show's narrator Jughead. At the end of the seventh episode, Jason Blossom's jacket was revealed in FP's closet. Previously the jacket was found in Jason's car by Betty and Jughead, who were looking for proof that Polly and Jason were planning to run away together. The two teens were unaware they were being watched, and by the time they returned with Sheriff Keller, the car was on fire.

EW recently spoke to executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa in regards to FP and both Jason's murder and the fire:

“It absolutely does seem like FP was intimately involved with at least one or both of those things. Moving forward, Jughead and his dad’s relationship becomes one of the bedrocks of the season. There are definitely twists and turns to it, but he’s very much in the hot seat from this point moving forward, because people are going to start discovering a lot of things FP has done that he thought were never going to see the light of day.”

It's certainly suspect that FP has the jacket - there wouldn't have been much time for the car to be set on fire after Jughead and Betty left, so he almost certainly was there when the fire began. Then you have the drugs in the car; there's no proof they were Jason's, so it's possible that the drugs belonged to FP or to the Southside Serpents (another of his secrets). Both his son and Hermione Lodge know that he is a member of the motorcycle gang, but it would appear that most of the town does not (though they may be finding out soon).


On the other hand, FP is struggling with alcoholism and does not seem to be the most functional person in Riverdale. Jason was a young and fit teenage football player. It doesn't seem to be all that plausible that FP could abduct and restrain Jason for a whole week. Unless perhaps he had help.

It's worth noting that it's an executive producer who's made these comments, meaning that this line of thinking could actually be a red herring the show wants you to buy into ahead of a bigger twist. Whatever the case, when the show returns from its two-week break there's no doubt going to be a lot more clues.


Riverdale returns with “The Outsiders,” on March 30 at 9.p.m. ET on the CW.

Source: EW

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