Riverdale Goes to War With Itself in 'Judgement Night' Trailer

SPOILERS for those not caught up on Riverdale ahead.


The Northside and Southside go to war in the trailer for next week's Riverdale episode, 'Judgement Night'. Tensions have been rising throughout season 2 between The Town With Pep's two halves, for a number of reasons. While the Black Hood's killing spree is partly to blame, Hiram Lodge hasn't done the town any favors with his ongoing efforts to turn Southside High into a prison for Riverdale's growing criminal population. Things had cooled a bit in recent weeks, but Midge Klump's murder during Riverdale High's performance of Carrie: The Musical has sent the town spiraling into civil war at long last.

Among other things, this week's episode 'Shadow of a Doubt' revealed that Southside Serpent Fangs Fogarty had a fling with Midge shortly before her death. Naturally, members of Riverdale's Northside were all too eager to blame him for Midge's death, leading to a proper riot when Fangs was arrested and then released by newbie Sheriff Minetta due to the lack of evidence against him. Meanwhile, Betty Cooper was wrestling with a crisis of her own: that her father, Hal, is either the Black Hood as she suspected last week, or he knows more about the mystery killer than he's been letting on.

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The CW has now released the full trailer for next week's 'Judgement Night', the penultimate episode of Riverdale season 2. Formerly titled 'The Killing of a Sacred Deer' (after last year's film), 'Judgement Night' gets its title from the 1993 drama/thriller about a group of friends who must run for their lives after they accidentally witness a murder. The parallels to the situation in Riverdale are pretty clear, what with Archie and Reggie now being hunted by members of the Southside after one of them (seemingly) inadvertently shot and maybe killed Fangs.

'Judgement Night' also reflects Betty's situation, now that she's confronting her dark side head-on by calling Hal out. Elsewhere, Cheryl Blossom is having her own up close and personal encounter with Black Hood. 'Shadow of a Doubt' ended with the killer showing up at Cheryl's doorstep and the 'Judgement Night' trailer suggests he means business. The trailer even offers a glimpse of Black Hood taking an axe to Cheryl's bedroom door The Shining-style, making this scene but the latest in a string of classic horror/thriller homages for Riverdale season 2.

If all that wasn't enough, the 'Judgement Night' trailer also shows Veronica Lodge uncovering more of Hiram's shady dealings and confirms that Penny Peabody is back in town to help the Ghoulies raise hell against their rivals, the Southside Serpents. As wild a ride as season 2 has been in terms of the sheer amount of plot it's burned through, it looks like the penultimate episode will pick up every major story thread that's been introduced. This should allow the finale to fully tie everything together and set the stage for even more soapy goodness to come in Riverdale season 3.

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Riverdale continues Wednesday, May 9 with 'Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgement Night' on The CW.

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