Riverdale: Cheryl, Veronica & Josie Lead 'Jailhouse Rock' Music Video

Cheryl, Veronica, Josie and the rest of the River Vixen cheerleading squad pay Archie a visit in juvie in Riverdale's new "Jailhouse Rock" music video. The CW's Archie Comics TV series started its third season off in its now-typical dramatic fashion by having Archie voluntarily plead guilty to manslaughter, rather than put his friends and family through another trial for a murder that he didn't commit. As such, Arch will be spending his days behind bars in this week's episode, "Fortune and Men's Eyes".

Of course, just because Archie's an inmate now doesn't mean he'll be taking a break from playing his favorite sport: football. The synopsis for "Fortune and Men's Eyes" reveals that Archie organizes a friendly football game between the Ghoulies and Serpents who are in Riverdale's Juvenile Detention Center with him, as a way of bringing the two warring gangs (peacefully) together. At the same time, Veronica racks her brains in an effort to find a way to boost her boyfriend's spirits until Betty, Jughead, and the rest of their crew figure out how to prove Archie's innocence and bring him home.

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Thus, Veronica eventually recruits Cheryl, Josie, and the other River Vixens to trek out to juvie and perform a rendition of (naturally) "Jailhouse Rock" for Archie and the other inmates as they play football. For more on that, watch the extended clip in the space below.

As much as Riverdale has become a pulpy teen crime drama first and foremost since it premiered back in early 2017, it's also still a series about Archie and his friends' lives in high school. While there have certainly been times in the past when the show almost seemed to forget that (especially during the first half of season 2), it's since made a concerted effort to incorporate more typical high school activities into its proceedings. Of course, even when you're a high school cheerleader in The Town With Pep, your life is rarely anything but "typical" and you end up performing for underage criminals (like in this scene).

That certainly won't change in the episode ahead either, between Archie going to "jail", a True Detective-style occult killer being on the loose, and other plot threads that were introduced during the season 3 premiere. Still, it's good to see that this season will remember to provide room for Veronica, Cheryl, and Josie to show off their singing voices and Riverdale High's time-honored traditions, like football and cheerleading... even if some of the adults in town (like Veronica's father Hiram, the man responsible for Archie being falsely accused to begin with) don't approve of such frivolity.

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Riverdale continues with "Fortune and Men's Eyes" this Wednesday, October 17 on The CW.

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