Riverdale Teases Trouble in Paradise in New Trailer

[Spoilers for those not caught up on Riverdale ahead.]


The trailer for upcoming Riverdale episode 'House of the Devil' has been released. Things in Riverdale are getting tense. Neither Sheriff Keller nor Betty Cooper is any closer to figuring out the identity of The Black Hood - though apparently his identity will be revealed to the audience soon. Meanwhile, Jughead continues to get deeper and deeper in over his head as he tries to survive without his father; Keller and Mayor McCoy are having an affair, despite both of them being married to other people and their children being classmates; and The Black Hood has successfully killed again, bringing him one step closer to being a serial killer.

No matter how dark and dangerous Riverdale gets, it seems like the people of the town always have further to fall. And with The Black Hood's promise to return when the citizens of Riverdale could not make it two days without committing a variety of sins, things are most likely going to get worse before they get better.

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The CW has released the trailer for next week's episode, titled 'House of the Devil', which makes it very clear that the show's characters will have plenty more trouble to face before too long. You can watch said promo in the space above.

The first half of the trailer focuses on Archie and Veronica, who it seems might not be on the same page with their relationship. While Archie tells Veronica that he loves her, she makes it clear that she is happy with their relationship as it is and does not want things to change.

The other story that the trailer focuses on is the long awaited homecoming of F.P. Jones. Even though actor Skeet Ulrich was made a series regular this season, F.P. being in jail has limited the actor's apperances to just a handful until now. Hopefully, his release will make him more integrated in the story, and able to help his son Jughead navigate the dangerous waters of being a Southside Serpent. That's assuming that F.P. isn't the next name on The Black Hood's hit list, anyway.

Not that F.P. Jones is the only sinner in Riverdale, not by a long shot. Jughead has not only joined the Serpents, but has commited criminal acts on behalf of The Snakecharmer, with Archie's help. Meanwhile, Cheryl intentionally harassed Josie to trick her friend and even Josie betrayed the other Pussycats. The town is full of adulterers, drug users, gangbangers, and white collar criminals - any of whom could be the next victim of The Black Hood.

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Riverdale continues with 'House of the Devil' on Wednesday, December 6 at 8 pm.

Source: The CW

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