Riverdale: Betty's Brother & Hiram Cause Trouble in New Trailer

- Spoilers for the midseason premiere of Riverdale -

In the trailer for next week's episode of Riverdale "Chapter Twenty-Four: The Wrestler" both Hiram Lodge and Chic Smith are causing trouble. Riverdale came back last night and as usual, the "town with pep" has plenty of drama to go around. Mayor McCoy and the Lodges shut down Southside High for a land deal, and now several members of the Southside Serpents are going to Riverside High - which not everyone is happy about. Archie is working as an FBI informant and trying to dig up dirt on the Lodges. Penelope Blossom is working as a prostitute. And Betty tracked down her brother Chic - also a prostitute - and brought him home.

While the episode did not set up a new mystery, at least not to the extent of "who killed Jason Blossom" or "who is the Black Hood", there is plenty to worry about. Archie voiced a concern to Special Agent Adams - what if The Black Hood is still out there - indicating that the mystery is still alive and well. Meanwhile, Chic is now staying with The Coopers, but judging by the way he was watching Betty sleep, there may be something very wrong with the oldest Cooper child.


Now The CW has released the trailer for next week's episode, and it looks like plenty of family drama is coming to the city of Riverdale, starting with the Lodge family.  Hiram seems to have turned on Archie and no longer wants him dating Veronica, a plot twist which has been teased in a previous trailer. It's possible that Hiram will find out that Archie is taking to the FBI and that is the reason he no longer trusts Archie. Or there may be another reason entirely.

As for Chic, Hal is worried about who the stranger in his house is. Chic was raised in foster care and worked as a prostitute, but other than that nothing is known about him. And the midseason premiere did a respectable job of setting him up potentially as the real Black Hood, though that seems a bit obvious at this juncture. Betty sees a possible kindred spirit in Chic however, if only because she recognizes the same darkness she has previously seen in herself. The rest of the season will include Betty focusing on her family, and clearly that story has begun.

And these are not the only mysteries and stories being set up. Special Agent Smith grew up in Riverdale and due to his age, might have some history with The Lodges which could influence his investigation. Judging by a shot of Jughead standing with duct tape on his mouth, the protests and civil disobedience he began at school will be continuing. As the characters on Riverdale focus on their relationships and families, things might be a little less dangerous for a moment. But it is still as dark and secretive as always.


Riverdale continues on The CW with "Chapter Twenty-Four: The Wrestler" at 8 pm on Wednesday, January 24.

Source: The CW

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