• Riverdale: 25 Hilarious Bughead Vs Varchie Memes

    Whether you're into Riverdale because you like mysteries, high school drama, or even the original Archie comics, you have to admit that the biggest fan obsession is with the show's main two couples: Betty & Jughead and Veronica & Archie. The obsession is there for a reason: these two relationships have been built over the show with an insane amount of tension between these characters.

    First, there's "Bughead," aka Betty and Jughead. Betty is kind and studious - an overachieving teacher's pet. Jughead is the troubled, brooding antihero of the story: a kid with a rough past and even rougher parents. These two make a pretty unlikely pair, but, much to fans' delight, they turned into a memorable and adorable couple.

    Then, there's "Varchie," aka Veronica and Archie. Veronica is confident and razor sharp, the kind of girl who's learned to think on her feet. She's had a family history that rivals Jughead in terms of criminality and a scandal that's hung over her head the moment she moved to Riverdale. Archie is something of a smart jock. He's the popular athlete with a sensitive soul, able to throw a football and write music. He's also failing math, so maybe he's not as smart as he seems. These two make a kind of power couple, working as two confident, strong-willed people who are more than ready to take on the drama of Riverdale.

    These two relationships are so popular that obviously fans are already at war over who's the better couple. Qhat better way to show this war through a few memes?

    Here are 25 Hilarious Bughead Vs Varchie Memes.

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  • 25 / 25
    When Archie "Friendzoned" Betty

    Poor Betty. After spending so long pining for Archie, she's finally been able to take him to the dance. Here should've been her moment when she finally reveals her feelings to him and they live happily ever after. And sure, they do. As friends.

    This gut punch is made even worse when you think about Archie's crush on Veronica, and where that eventually leads. Of course, Veronica couldn't have known that this is what happened, but it must feel pretty terrible to be Betty in this moment.

    On top of all of this, you have to keep in mind Betty and Archie's history. The two grew up together, sharing a close friendship that had its fair share of romantic tension.

    To Betty, it must have felt like Archie dropped years of romantic buildup for a girl he just met.

    Honestly, this is probably the moment that cemented the Bughead Vs Varchie war in the first place. If only Archie hadn't acted like an oblivious dolt, Betty's feelings may have been spared a little. Although, honestly, would the two have really been that great of a couple in the first place? With Jughead and Betty forming such a memorable pairing, the fan reaction seems pretty decisive that this scene was probably for the best.

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  • 24 / 25
    Archie has problems too

    It is interesting that, in a show that features villains, gang violence, and trafficking, there is a weird emphasis placed on Archie's personal life. Veronica's dad's in jail and she somehow manages to hold it all together. Betty's sister is missing and, for all she knows, she is currently in a cult. Basically, she has reason to be pretty freaked out. And Jughead, poor Jughead. The guy's literally had the worst hand dealt to him in Riverdale and he still manages to stay calm and collected. He lived in a janitor's closet and still found the time and energy to run the school newspaper for Heaven's sake.

    So why was it really that necessary to devote so much time to Archie's stage fright? We get it: your show is based on a comic that's actually named Archie, so you have to dedicate a little screentime to him. And sure, stage fright can be a pretty terrifying thing for anyone, especially a high school kid. But is this really supposed to be as important as everything else that's going on ? Really?

    All we're saying is that when your show's revolving around a guy getting eliminated, fans' priorities are going to be elsewhere.

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  • 23 / 25
    Jughead trying (and failing) to play it cool

    Jughead has a lot of things going for him. He's smart, he's capable, and he's resourceful. One thing he isn't good at is playing it cool.

    Jughead and Betty's tension was foreshadowed so much that, when they finally got together, pages of fan fiction had already been written. Not only that, but Betty's attraction to Archie must have served as an incredibly frustrating obstacle to any serious Bughead fans. So, when Jughead and Betty's relationship really starts developing, it makes sense that the writers would want to cut to the chase as soon as possible. After all, there are only so many meaningful glances and awkward silences you can write in before your fanbase starts yelling "just make out already!".

    It is weird that a kid who's lived his entire life on the run has such a bad pokerface. Can you imagine being this bad at lying when the police is interrogating you about the latest crime your father pulled off? Although, maybe he's just like this when he's around girls, which is totally fair. Caught in a murder mystery that involves your fellow classmates, your tortured past, and your criminal family? Eh. Meeting a girl you like? Completely different story.

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  • 22 / 25
    Archie's weird relationship with Betty and Jughead

    It's hard to understate how much of a weird effect Archie and Betty's relationship has had on these character dynamics. Theirs was the ultimate "will they or won't they" that lasted for several years priot to the show. In fact, it wasn't even clear if Archie was ever attracted to her at all, just that he was sure that he could imagine the two as a couple. Obviously, this is going to create a lot of conflicting feelings for him, providing him many opportunities to stick his foot firmly in his mouth.

    This is especially clear when Archie suddenly confronts Jughead about his relationship with Betty. When Jughead gives an avoidant answer, Archie is clearly upset. The reason is obvious: Archie has a really complicated relationship with Betty and would probably have a volatile reaction to anything that's happened to her.

    It shows a pretty brazen sense of self-entitlement when a guy feels like he has the right to decide this girl's love life immediately after rejecting her.

    What's Archie's game plan here? Was the idea to just date Veronica and force Betty to remain forever alone? Good thing Jughead was around to take this guy down a peg or two. Maybe he's earned the right to be a little snarky.

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  • 21 / 25
    Jughead getting jealous

    The road to Bughead was never an easy one. Jughead and Betty don't make as obvious a couple as, say, Betty and Archie. In fact, Archie and Betty would normally make the classic American "power couple." Jughead, on the other hand, has a lot of things going against him. He was homeless, for one. His dad's in a gang as well, which is a pretty tricky hurdle to cross.

    In fact, someone with his personality seems to be a perfect fit for Veronica. They're both people with tough family lives and difficult pasts that they're trying to escape.

    All of these things made for plenty of obstacles on the way toward Betty and Jughead's relationship. Especially because, at this point, Betty is still smitten with Archie. Obviously, there's got to be a lot of anxiety going on in Jughead's brain. He probably thinks that a girl like Betty, someone who's good and wholesome, should steer far away from people like him.

    What's so great about this show is how it upends expectations of who ends up with whom. The traditional Archie comics always tended to pair up the obvious couples, but the fact that fan-favorite couples like Bughead are so unexpected is what make the show so much fun to watch.

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  • 20 / 25
    Archie's lack of social awareness

    Another puzzle piece in the eternal enigma that is Archie is the way the guy treats his girlfriend. For some reason, he's incredibly protective of Betty, to the point where his relationship with one of his best friends becomes strained upon learning that he's going out with her. On the other hand, he's weirdly dismissive of Veronica, y'know, his girlfriend.

    We get that Veronica isn't the type of girl who needs to be taken care of, but it wouldn't hurt the guy to have a little bit more social awareness. Again, this goes way back to Archie and Betty's relationship. Obviously, the two have an incredibly strong bond, so it makes sense that Archie would immediately gravitate towards her. It is interesting that Archie almost seems to be extra protective of Betty after rejecting her, as if he somehow feels guilty about it.

    Honestly, these girls' personalities may have something to do with the way Archie treats these two. Betty seems like the shy, meet, studious girl while Veronica is the confident girl who can handle her fair share of trouble. Archie probably just sees Betty as the more vulnerable of the two and just gives into his protective impulses.

    If anything, this just proves that Veronica and Archie are an even stronger couple. They can trust each other to take care of themselves.

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  • 19 / 25
    Varchie being surprised at Bughead's existence

    We mentioned before, unexpected pairings are what make Riverdale really exciting for fans to watch. Because the writers are able to find so much commonality between characters who couldn't be more different, couplings that seem to make perfect sense in the moment must seem completely insane to anybody not following their lives.

    Archie has plenty reason to be shocked at Bughead being a thing. Not only was he certain that Betty had feelings for him, he must not have expected her to fall for a guy like Jughead. No offense to Jughead, but he isn't exactly the expected "nice suburban boyfriend" type. Maybe that's why he's so jealous of the two: not only is he protective of Betty in general, but he's extra paranoid about her being with a guy who's so closely linked with crime and gang violence.

    It is weird that Veronica and Archie would be so shocked at Jughead and Betty's unlikely pairing when they're a pretty unconventional couple in their own right.

    Archie is basically the archetypical suburban golden boy; the kind of guy that any parent would be okay with their daughters dating. So to go out with Veronica, someone with a major scandal hanging over her head like a vulture, is an unexpected move, to say the least.

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  • 18 / 25
    Archie's first world problems

    Poor Archie can't catch a break. Wait, what are we saying? Archie's the only character on this show that catches breaks. While the rest of the characters have to deal with crimes, familial strife, emotional trauma, and homelessness, Archie is worried about fitting his guitar into his gym locker.

    Sure, everyone's got their own problems, but Archie's seem laughably inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

    This goes back to way earlier in the list when Archie's biggest problem revolves around stage fright. Sometimes, it's just hilarious to see the writers try to give Archie's storyline the same weight that every other character's have. Sure, Jughead, you live in the high school locker room, but Archie has to deal with three girls at school liking him. Pity the poor man!

    This makes his obsession with Betty and Jughead even more bizarre. Is Archie's life really so conflict-free that he needs to invest his time in someone else's relationship? Why does he care if Betty was in love with him so much if he rejected her in the first place? Also, isn't there a crime that needs to be solved?

    Seriously, how can anyone concentrate on stuff like this when there's a mysterious attacker in a town filled with criminals and gangsters?

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  • 17 / 25
    Shutting down Bughead critics

    One of the most popular criticism of Bughead was that their romance was rushed. It makes sense: these two became a couple pretty quickly into the first season. On top of that, Betty's history with Archie makes the whole thing seem a bit suspect. For someone who's invested so much into her relationship with Archie, Betty sure finds it pretty easy to move on.

    It's almost like the writers realized that Jughead and Betty worked so well together as a couple that they just decided to get them together as soon as possible. Is it just lazy writing? Did the plot not have enough time for character development? Were Jughead and Betty never meant to be?

    This fan above seems to think differently. Sure, Betty knew Archie for years, but she knew Jughead for years too. In fact, similar to Archie, Betty and Jughead had been close friends. The only difference here is, Betty has felt an attraction to Archie that got broken apart early in the season.

    Sure, Betty and Jughead's romance blossoms pretty quickly, but it wasn't like there was zero reason why it happened. There's a whole history of character development between the two that has been progressing before the show had even started.

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  • 16 / 25
    Archie's weird relationship with Betty and Jughead Pt. 2

    Archie needs to be reminded every now and again that he was the one who rejected Betty near the beginning of season one. He's had his chance with her and he blew it. Sure, he said it was because he didn't feel "worthy" to date her, but that sounds like a pretty lame excuse at best.

    Archie and Betty have a relationship that goes back for years. That's why Archie's rejection especially sucks for Betty, it feels like he's ignoring their entire history for someone he just met. Maybe he has feelings for her, maybe not, but he obviously shouldn't be this fixated on her when she's in another relationship. The guy can't have it both ways.

    Archie has the weirdest ways to show that he's feeling jealous.

    One moment, he'll be all doe-eyed with Veronica. The next moment, he'll freak out at his friend because he potentially might have had a moment with Betty. It's hard to tell if he is actually jealous or if he's just being an insecure jerk.

    Does he actually like Betty? Does he think he and Betty will be a couple? Is he mad at Jughead for somehow "stealing" Betty from him? Will he ever pass math class? The world may never know.

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  • 15 / 25
    Jughead is kind of a wuss

    Jughead seems like a pretty tough customer. You have to be if you're going to be living alone for most of your teenage years while your dad rides around with gangsters and criminals. Over the course of the show, he's been forced to work with criminals and traffic illegal substances. On top of all that, he's thrown himself headfirst in investigate a mystery that will only lead him down a dark path.

    Jughead's life has forced him to be smart beyond his years and incredibly resourceful. What we're trying to say is, if someone has managed to live in the boys locker room in a high school for an extended period of time, they are not to be messed with.

    All of this makes it so much funnier when Jughead reveals himself to be a bit of a wuss from time to time, like in this above meme where he ducks behind Betty when seeing an old lady. Honestly, it makes sense for him to be a bit jumpy. When you've lived the kind of life he's lived, being jumpy and paranoid is probably the only thing that helps you survive. Plus, Nana Rose is pretty darn creepy and Betty's tougher than she looks.

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  • 14 / 25
    Betty's Boyfriend 2.0

    Of all of these Varchie vs Bughead memes, this one comes off as the most savage. As if Archie hadn't been made fun of enough, now he's basically been demoted to sub Dylan Sprouse status. Although, given Betty and Archie's tumultuous friendship, it's probably for the best that the two didn't end up together, so maybe Archie shouldn't take this one personally. He was probably right: the two wouldn't work together as a couple.

    Now, is Jughead necessarily an upgrade from Archie himself? In the eyes of many fans, this is probably the case.

    If these memes have taught us anything, it is that Archie, more often than not, tends to be the butt of a lot of jokes from fans.

    Fair enough, the guy lives a pretty privileged life, so he can probably take being knocked down a peg or two. But is this guy worth the amount of derision these memes throw at him? Probably not. Then again, it's not much of a stretch to say that Jughead's the fan favorite.  At the very least Jughead's the more interesting character, if only because he has actual problems to deal with in the show.

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  • 13 / 25
    The Zach and Cody crossover that nobody expected

    Yes, you saw that right, that is in fact Cody from The Suite Life of Zach of Cody, one of the sitcoms on Disney that you grew up watching. Notice anything familiar?

    Of course, fans of Riverdale know that Jughead is played by Cody actor Cole Sprouse. Sprouse avoided all of the pitfalls that Disney TV stars hit once their shows have ended. He didn't have a post-Hannah Montana meltdown, nor did he just slide into obscurity like a lot of his costars, nor did he star in terrible Disney Channel original movies. Miraculously, after taking time off to attend college, he still managed to hold onto a successful acting career that's worked wonders for him.

    Perhaps part of the reason that Jughead is such a fan-favorite character is because everyone who watches Riverdale now probably watched The Suite Life of Zach and Cody when they were younger, or at the very least The Suite Life on Deck. How much does nostalgia play into fans' reception of Jughead, and would he be nearly as popular if he were played by a different actor?

    Regardless, one thing's for certain, Cole Sprouse is here to stay as as actor and, unlike a lot of his contemporaries, he's going to have a long and successful if he keeps starring in shows like Riverdale.

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  • 12 / 25
    When Archie realized he had lost Betty

    Okay, now let's get back to bagging on poor Archie again. Honestly, the more you think about this guy's backstory, the more you may start to feel sorry for him. It wasn't really Betty who got rejected first, was it?

    Well, don't get too shook yet, Archie, there's still your kiss in season 2. Sure, the context behind said kiss wasn't really the biggest romantic moment in TV history, but at least you didn't completely lose Betty.

    This guy lives a pretty charmed life, doesn't he? Not only does he reject the girl he was previously infatuated with, but he's been given opportunities to get with the two girls he has feelings for. With luck like that, we wouldn't really be trying too hard in math either.

    Sure, Jughead gets his romance with Betty started virtually from the ge- go, but he hasn't had nearly the same amount of opportunities, romantic or otherwise, that Archie's had. It's probably much harder to try to decide between which girl to go out with when you're dealing with small issues like homelessness and gang turf wars.

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  • 11 / 25
    Betty is the ultimate player

    Isn't Betty Cooper supposed to be the "good girl"? The character has come a long way from her starry eyed, idealistic former self seen at the beginning of the show. Who would have expected that she, of all characters, would have ended up kissing every member of the core four?

    In a way, it's kind of hilarious to see how far she's come as a character, something that isn't lost upon the fan who made this meme. Surely working your way through the seedy underbelly of your hometown in order to solve a crime is going to make you grow up fast. Not to mention, the madness of the Cooper-Blossom family.

    Maybe the fandom isn't so much Varchie Vs Bughead anymore as it is Bughead Vs Everyone Else. What is especially interesting about Jughead and Betty's relationship is how different it is to the comics. In the comics, Jughead basically shows zero romantic interest toward anybody. Therefore, Bughead was only ever a thing on Riverdale.

    We can't help but wonder how that influenced the writers' treatment of Betty and Jughead's relationship. Maybe the fan furor surrounding these two characters goes beyond anything the writer's were expecting, especially when pulling from the source material.

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  • 10 / 25
    When the writers start trying to make Barchie happen

    With Jughead becoming the new fan favorite, it's understandable that there's going to be some fan pushback against anything that might suggest a relationship between Betty and Archie. Sure, their relationship was one that had been set up before the show had even started, but the show made sure to smash that to pieces as soon as possible.

    Now, as proven by these memes, it seems pretty obvious that Bughead is definitely the most popular relationship, which makes it so much more infuriating for fans when the writers threaten that relationship.

    The bomb was definitely dropped when Archie and Betty kissed in season 2. To many fans, that must have felt like such a slap in the face to all of the character development done between Jughead and Betty.

    This list revolves around Varchie and Bughead for a reason.

    Betty and Archie being a couple at this point in the story feels like such a small possibility that the writers probably shouldn't bother going for it in the first place. Sorry Barchie fans, you had your chance in season 1. Chances are better that Betty and Archie aren't going to go far beyond that one surprising season 2 moment.

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  • 9 / 25
    The Bughead fandom is serious

    If the writers of Riverdale want to keep their audience satisfied, they should probably take a look through some of these memes.

    The answer for keeping the audience happy is simple: more Betty and Jughead.

    The Bughead fandom is real - at least, way more than the Varchie fandom and definitely more than the Barchie fandom (all 12 of them). What makes Betty and Jughead such a popular couple? One factor is, of course, their differences. As far as backstory and personality, Jughead and Betty couldn't seem more different. One's a brooding, troubled kid with a rough family life and dark secrets. The other is a wholesome, studios girl who's a complete idealist. On the other hand, Jughead and Betty share a passion for investigation and a fierce motivation to find justice and truth at any cost.

    At this point, the Varchie Vs Bughead debate feels like it's over. Everything afterward is basically just a victory lap.

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  • 8 / 25
    What all Varchie and Bughead fans agree on

    When will these writers learn? We might have seemed confident at first that Betty and Jughead's relationship would never be threatened, but now we're not so sure.

    Are the writers really trying to push Betty and Archie? It might make sense in the context of the story. Their relationship was set up at the very beginning of the story, so bringing them together at the end might be the showrunner's way of bringing everything full circle.

    But would this be able to overcome Jughead and Betty's obvious chemistry? Sure, Archie and Betty being a couple has been teased throughout the show, but they've never been embraced quite as much as Betty and Jughead.

    And how are the fans going to react to this? Probably not very favorably. At this point, the show could write off a major character, and it would still get less of an uproar than if Betty and Jughead were to split for good.

    Are the writers paying attention to fans' opinions, or are they going to write whatever they want to write regardless of what other people think? Fans are probably waiting with anticipation (and pitchforks) to see what happens. For the sake of the writers, let's hope that they abandon this plan of bringing Betty and Archie together.

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  • 7 / 25

    Jughead and Veronica have never had a relationship that goes beyond platonic friendship on the show, but after tat kiss in season 2, it is extra amusing to imagine the writers pulling another twist just to mess with Bughead fans.

    In a show like Riverdale, where apparently nobody can control themselves, it is interesting that Jughead stays in his one relationship with Betty throughout. This points more to how he was originally written in the comics. A common theory for Jughead's character in the original comics was that he was aromantic. This idea was completely dropped for the show, even though Cole Sprouse himself wanted his character to further representation of ace people.

    In comparison to the other characters on the show, Jughead seems to be the most level-headed when it comes to romantic relationships, only seeming to really be attracted to Betty - and Toni that one time.

    Maybe the writers of Riverdale were afraid of alienating audiences with an ace character, so this aspect of him feels like a way for them to allude to how he was originally represented. Maybe in the future we'll see more representation of ace characters, but for now, discerning readers might just want to stick with the comics.

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  • 6 / 25
    Archie's awkward relatability

    Oh God, can anyone else relate? Many of us know exactly how uncomfortable it feels to laugh way too loud at something, then look around awkwardly while trying to act like nothing has happened. Or, even better, think about something funny while someone is talking about something completely different, only to suddenly burst out laughing.

    Let's all just glad that whoever made this meme feels our pain. It is surprising that a character as glamorized as Archie is allowed to have moments where he's awkward and dorky.

    One of the cool things about the show is how they're able humanize Archie a little bit by pushing his character farther than whatever stereotype he would have been assigned.

    People expect, and often treat, Archie as if he were a dreamboat, an idea that the actor K.J. Apa was a little bit uncomfortable with.

    "There's more to Archie than abs and his body and getting with girls," Apa told Vulture. "He's a humanized character, and people should see past that, but initially, at first glance, people are going to have that first impression of... [an] object."

    That's why uncomfortably relatable moments like these really work to make Archie a way more likable character than a classic jock.

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  • 5 / 25
    The crossover event our childhoods were preparing us for
    Varchie Zack and Cody meme

    Is there any couple who are be more different from Archie and Veronica than Bob and Barbara on The Suite Life on Deck? While Archie can obviously be awkward and oblivious, he isn't that awkward, and the two still make a pretty glamorous couple. Bob and Barbara, on the other hand, are a perfect storm of awkward. They're a typhoon of uncomfortableness. A hurricane of embarrassment.

    Anyone who's ever watched The Suite Life on Deck when they were younger remembers cringing at their snobby antics on screen.

    Honestly, it's just amazing to see how much Cole Sprouse has grown as an actor since this show. For example, did you know he took a hiatus from acting to pursue an archaeology in NYU? Then he just decided to return to acting by suddenly taking on the role of one of the most liked characters on one of the most popular shows on TV.

    Cody was a kid genius on the show, but we're thinking that he might have rubbed off a little on the actor playing him. Who else could to pursue a degree in architecture as a side gig, then decide to build a career as a TV star just for fun?

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  • 4 / 25
    Jughead knows how to be snarky

    One of the sticking points of the Bughead fandom is their glee in seeing Archie mope about when he loses Betty to Jughead. What's especially interesting here is that, in the comics, Archie was the type of guy who tended to get lucky with a lot of girls, Betty included.

    It's cool that, in a show like Riverdale, they can poke a little fun at the outdated alpha male portrayal of Archie in the original comics by pairing up Betty with the quieter, more sidelined Jughead. Fans seemed to have joined in on the fun too, never missing an opportunity to laugh at Jughead showing up Archie.

    It does feel a little strange to look at this through the lens of the comics. Because, while this could be seen as a way for the show to flip the comic on its head, it actually might be doing more harm than good. While it's awesome that they're making fun of some of the more outdated ideas of the '50s, they're also getting rid of a character who, for all intents and purposes, was asexual.

    In a weird way, in trying to make this take on Archie more progressive, they ended up making it a little bit more regressive. Not to say that Jughead's portrayal as being ace was seen in every interpretation, but it was definitely present.

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  • 3 / 25
    How to treat Betty

    Hopefully, one day, Archie will understand how people work. Unfortunately, it seems like that day doesn't seem to be coming anytime soon.

    Let's hope that the writers actually address this because this aspect of Archie's character makes him look a little insane.What exactly was he expecting to happen? Did he really believe that Betty would be so distraught by his rejection that she would become a celibate nun and swear off men for the rest of her life?

    Honestly, this just feels like an extension of Archie's social awkwardness revolving around Betty. Maybe, because of his complicated past with Betty, he's just unable to think straight around her, causing him to act like a flaming fool.

    Fans seem to agree that Archie is being, at best, a little unrealistic when it comes to Betty's love life. If there already isn't enough ammunition for the Bughead fandom, this will give them plenty to work with.

    Archie is, to put it simply, way too dopey to compare to the relatively intelligent Betty and Jughead. To add insult to injury, this meme surrounds Archie with his worst enemy: math.

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  • 2 / 25
    Jarchie vs Varchie vs Barchie

    Let's be real here, the cast of Riverdale get around a lot. That is no judgement of the characters. We're just saying that, hey, it's a CW show, which basically guarantees a significant percentage of runtime dedicated to attractive people making out. That being said, there is no one who gets around more than Archie Andrews.

    Even beyond the two girls of the core four, Archie's had a series of relationships and flings with several other women, not the least of which was with his teacher, Ms. Grundy. When you're a high school student having an affair with a grown woman, it's safe probably to say that there might be some issues with how you handle your love life.

    While Archie is unpredictable and immature, Jughead is cool and calculated. While Archie lets his libido go out of control, Jughead always manages to stay loyal to Betty. When you're going against a character as likable as Jughead, played by an actor with as much nostalgia power as Cole Sprouse, you're going to have a tough time coming out on top.

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  • 1 / 25
    Throwback Jarchie

    Man, Archie actually can't catch a break, can he? This is the ultimate takedown from Bughead fans. Not only are they reminding us that Cole Sprouse was famous from the start, they are turning him into a literal dummy.

    Not only that, but Archie looks downright terrifying in this photo, like a cross between a Chucky Doll and an old muppet. This is it folks, pack your bags and go home, we have officially found the most savage meme on this entire list.

    Looking through these memes, it's pretty clear that the Bughead fans are a large and vocal part of the Riverdale fandom. It makes sense: in a show where double-crosses happen constantly, Jughead's stoic steadfastness and Betty's kindness stand as the most admirable qualities in these characters.

    People especially gravitate towards Jughead because of his circumstances. He isn't a privileged rich kid like Archie, he's someone who's had to struggle to survive, and it seems the fandom recognizes that.

    Either that, or the majority of the Riverdale fanbase grew up watching The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. Now if Archie was played by Dylan Sprouse? That'd be a real competition.


    Do you have any Riverdale couple memes to share? Let us know in the comments!

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