Riverdale 'La Grande Illusion' Promo: The Blossoms Target Archie

[SPOILERS for those not caught up on Riverdale ahead.]


Riverdale has returned to screens after a short hiatus, picking right back up with Polly's pregnancy storyline. At the end of Chapter 8, "The Outsiders", we saw Polly make the decision to move in with the Blossom family rather than back to the Cooper household. While neither are exactly an enticing prospect, there's an air of dark secrecy surrounding the Blossom family that makes them a very strange choice, but Polly said she thinks they can offer her baby a better chance in life, and that's why they always win: money.

The family look to be using the same tactics in next week's episode, "La Grande Illusion", only this time, Archie is the subject of their attentions. With Clifford Blossom trying to put Fred Andrews out of business in an attempt to buy his building plot at a knock down price, we already know that the Blossom family motives aren't sincere. You can watch the promo for "La Grande Illusion", above.

Fore more on what to expect from the next Riverdale episode, read the full synopsis for "La Grande Illusion", below:

"The Outsiders" brought to light the fact that Fred Andrews Construction is nearly going under, and the attack on all his equipment wouldn't have helped with that. While Fred assumed the Blossom family had something to do with it, Jughead's dad revealed to Hermione that the heavies had been sent by her jailed husband, because he'd gotten wind of her affair with Fred. It sounds as though that's another plotline that will develop alongside the original murder mystery, and the arrival of Molly Ringwald as Fred's ex-wife in Riverdale chapter 10 will tie in nicely.

Meanwhile, Archie should just run, but we know from the promo that he doesn't. In fact, his romance with Valerie, his blatant attraction to Veronica, and his jealousy over Jughead and Betty, all looks to disappear as soon as Cheryl sets her sights on him. What is it with redheads on this show?

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Riverdale continues with "Chapter 9: La Grande Illusion" on The CW on Thursday, April 6th at 9 pm EST.

Source: The CW

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