10 Gifts That Riverdale Fans Want

Riverdale hit the small screen in 2017 and has been on fire since, now with three seasons. With its perfect level of fear-provoking drama and homage to the classic comic characters, it's an addictive and binge-worthy show. Among many things, something Riverdale does well is mystery.

If you're hungry for spooky tones and suspicious, mischievous glances, it's the show for you. When buying for the Riverdale fan in your life, look no further than this list of games, books, apparel and DVDs. Give the gift of more Jughead, Veronica, Betty and Archie to the fan in your life - they just might treat you to something from the Chock'lit Shoppe in return.

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10 Clue: Riverdale Edition Board Game


In this version of the classic, gripping, Whodunit family game, the characters of Archie, Josie, Cheryl, Betty, Veronica and Jughead replace the original suspects. The murder weapons are changed to a snake, a pearl necklace, a guitar, a convertible, a baseball bat and maple syrup. Players must uncover who killed Jason Blossom, as they move around Riverdale and visit different iconic locations from the show.

This is a game for ages 15 and up, a nice update to the original game and can be played with pleasure even by friends who might not know the show too well. This is a fun game no matter how dedicated you are to Archie Andrews, but is particularly cool for fans who get to see all of their favorite characters sniffing around Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe for clues.

9 Jughead Funko POP!


This version of Jughead is from a very strange scene that occurred in Riverdale, and one that fans both loved and cherished while cocking their heads in a bit of confusion. In the seventh episode of the first season, Jughead has a dream wherein he and the other characters are stylized like their traditional 1950s selves.

Jughead sports his original sweater with a giant 'S' on the front, and his classic grey crown. If you're buying for someone who loves all things Archie comics, this is a great gift, as it references back to the first depiction of Jughead. For fans who are only familiar with the new series, this holds a much more sinister, exciting tone as the dream sequence was creepy and unsettling.

8 Riverdale Monopoly


It's hard to dislike Monopoly, but the classic edition can get a little bit repetitive. If you're a little bit sick of playing with the dog and shoe, striving to own Boardwalk and looking at a mustached man on the cover, this is a fun update. Movers include Archies's guitar, Veronica's pearls, Betty's diary, Cheryl's brooch, Jughead's hat and Pop's milkshake.

Locations on the board are from the Riverdale universe, including Blossom Maple Farms, Sweetwater River and Sacred Heart Church. This is a great gift for a couple who both love the show, or for a fan who loves a classic board game on a long, rainy, dreary day in Riverdale.

7 Riverdale: The Day Before


This novel is a prequel to the Riverdale series, showing the main characters as they were before the first episode began. The novel begins with direct narration from series favorite, Jughead, and continues to include emails, texts and diary entries to tell the story.

In this book, we learn why Jughead and Archie had a falling out, just how deep (and far back in time) Betty's feelings for Archie go and what New York City was like for Veronica. Because the point of view switches between characters, readers get to see multiple outlooks on one story and it makes for a light, entertaining young adult read. This book is for ages 12 and up and will answer a lot of fan questions.

6 Riverdale Student Handbook


The Riverdale Student Handbook features student guidelines, a campus map and student photos - all the run-of-the-mill things you'd expect to find in a student handbook. But, there's more. The students of Riverdale High have made their own edits, scribbling on top of the writing and adding their own tips for survival, secret photos and they've even snuck in some classified documents.

This book is 112 pages for ages 12 and up, great for diehard fans of the series who know characters' personalities and will thrive on the dramatic reveals that Archie, Jughead, Veronica, Betty and their friends have gifted in this modified introduction to high school.

5 Riverdale: The Complete First Season


This is where it all began. It's the start of a new school year for the students of Riverdale High, with the autumn air tainted by some bad news - Jason Blossom has died a mysterious death. As the golden boy of Riverdale, his death causes the community great heartache and it's clear there are secrets simmering just beneath the surface, ready to be exposed throughout the series.

The dark and gloomy underbelly of the Archie Comics universe is explored in this sexy drama, with gripping portrayals of all the iconic roles. Any fan will enjoy re-watching this first season and it also makes a great initiation gift to pull a friend into your own Riverdale fandom.

4 Riverdale: The Complete Second Season


At the top of the second season, we begin on a similar note to the first, in that the community is shaken by yet another act of violence and the traumatic loss of a much-beloved character. A huge fan feature in the season 2 narrative is Jughead's further journey down his bad boy path, getting swept up into a bit of conflict and tangling with local criminals.

The North and South sides feud and a new drug called Jingle Jangle causes a scary reaction in teens. The character development and rich plot of season 2 is sure to please any viewer - there are even some awesome musical moments to capture a cold heart.

3 South Side Serpents Hoodie


For those faithful to the South Side, this hoodie is unisex, 65% Cotton and 35% Polyester. The back sports the South Side Serpents logo in full color, with 'Riverdale' emblazoned on the front, over the left side. It's a long-sleeve, pullover hoodie and the material is black.

The Serpents are dangerous criminals in the series who were led by the father of Jughead Jones. For a fan who loves the darkest that Riverdale has to offer - gangs, drug-dealers and thieves - this Serpent gear is a perfect gift. It's a comfy hoodie for working out, staying warm or throwing on before heading to hang out and toss back a drink at the Whyte Wyrm.

2 Archie Vol. 1


A reboot of the original Archie Comics, this book is in full color and created by a dynamic duo. The author is Mark Waid, whose work includes writing for Captain America, Fantastic Four and Daredevil, with illustrations by Fiona Staples, whose art appears in T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents and Saga.

This is a new story and a fresh take on Archie, with an unexpected view on Archie's origin. Not unlike the Riverdale series, this updated comic book takes the original framework and characters from the Archie Comics universe and creates a more modern world and point of view. Fans who enjoyed what the series did will have fun with this book - though it remains appropriate for all ages, retaining the PG appeal from where it all began.

1 Josie McCoy Funko POP!


As the lead singer and guitarist of her band, Josie and the Pussycats, Josie McCoy is a fan favorite. This Funko POP! figure has her wearing her stage outfit, a leopard print onesie with boots and cat ears. The figure is completed by the flashy gold microphone gripped in her hand, with her hip cocked and a determination in her eyes, ready to perform.

This figure was a 2018 summer convention exclusive, stands 3.5 inches tall and is appropriate for ages 3 and up. Funko POP! figures are sweet toys for kids, as they don't have a bunch of parts or accessories that can come off and get lost. They also make amazing ornaments for older fans, as they're small and discreet enough for a desk or shelf.

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