Riverdale: How To Read The Gargoyle King Runes

Riverdale Gargoyle King Code

In Riverdale season 3, more kids are being killed - this time in connection to a creature called the Gargoyle King that marks its presence using mysterious runes. The Gargoyle King is apparently some kind of boss monster in a role-playing game called Griffins and Gargoyles, which kids like Dilton Doiley, Benjamin Button and Ethel Muggs have been playing together. Before perishing at the altar of the Gargoyle King, Dilton left Jughead a map covered in these runes, so we decided to use it to try and break the Gargoyle King's code.

First, we assumed that each of the runes corresponds to a letter in the English alphabet, and that the messages are written in English (this is a game for kids, after all). One of the first steps in simple code-breaking is to look for symbols that recur a lot, since these are usually the vowels. In the message written on Dilton Doiley's map, there's a three-letter word that ends in one of these recurring symbols, so we assumed that this word was "the" (it was), and used that - along with context clues - to decipher the rest of the message: BEWARE THE GARGOYLE KING.

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That message gives us 13 letters of the alphabet, including some of the most commonly-used letters, which is a strong jumping-off point for deciphering more messages as they appear in the show. Here are all of the Gargoyle King runes that we've figured out so far:

Riverdale - Gargoyle King runes meaning

And there you have it! It's not yet a complete alphabet, but if you've watched Wheel of Fortune a lot then you should be savvy enough to use the runes whose meanings we do know to translate messages from (or about) the Gargoyle King in the rest of Riverdale season 3. Who knows - perhaps you can even solve this mystery before Jughead and Betty do.

Using our alphabet, we checked out the runes scratched into the backs of Benjamin Button and Dilton Doiley during their sacrifice at the Gargoyle King's altar, and sure enough they spell out T G K - surely an acronym for The Gargoyle King. It seems that whatever this monster is, it marks its acolytes after they drink the Kool Aid Fresh Aid.

Do you have your own theory about who or what the Gargoyle King is, and how it connects to the parents of the Riverdale gang? Have you managed to decipher any more runes from the show? Let us know in the comments!

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Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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