15 Most Insane Things That Riverdale Has Done

Created by Archie Comics' chief creative officer, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the season premiere of Riverdale first aired this past January, but it didn't take long for fans to become totally obsessed with the series. Based on the classic characters by Archie Comics, Riverdale offers a more subversive approach to the traditional story found in the comics.

The series follows a fresh ensemble cast, including New Zealand newcomer KJ Apa in the titular role of Archie Andrews, rising starlet Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper, the brazen beauty Camila Mendez as Veronica Lodge, and Disney heartthrob Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones. The show also stars the fierce Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom, Ashleigh Murray as Jose McCoy, Luke Perry as Fred Andrews and Marisol Nichols as Hermione Lodge.

The thirteen-episode season wrapped up in May, and fans have been desperately seeking any new reveals concerning season two. In season one, fans were at the edge of their seats as the characters unraveled the murder mystery of who killed Jason Blossom. The first season was certainly a rollercoaster ride of action, and the blend of mystery and intrigue continued until the final moments of the last episode. While we eagerly await season two, we decided to look at some of the craziest moment from the first season.

Here are 15 Most WTF Things Riverdale Has Done.

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Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper in Riverdale Dark
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15 Dark Betty

Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper in Riverdale Dark

In episode three of season one, " Chapter Three: Body Double", fans were given a closer look at Betty's more sinister side.

Everything seems sunny in Riverdale when Veronica starts dating Chuck Clayton, varsity football star, but it's not long before things start to go sour. When a selfie captioned with “a sticky maple” starts circulating the school, and Veronica becomes the latest victim in slut-shaming. Eager to get revenge, Veronica teams up with Betty and several of the other girls who were slut-shamed in the past.

The episode also introduced actress Shannon Purser, best known for her role as Barb from Stranger Things, this time as a fellow classmate named Ethel Muggs. Betty and Veronica lure Chuck to Ethel's house, and Betty's girl-next-door demeanor has been totally stripped away.

After handcuffing Chuck to the hot tub, Betty, who seems to personify Polly for a few moments, threatens Chuck with a pointed stiletto and a rapid increase in the hot tub's temperature.

At the recent Riverdale panel held at San Diego Comic-Con, actress Lili Reinhart shed some light on what will happen to Betty in season two. “She’s thrown into something that she never imagined and her circumstances break her,” Reinhart alluded.

14 Cliff Blossom's room full of wigs

Riverdale Polly sees Clifford Admiring his collection of wigs

In episode eleven of season one, "Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale and Back Again", Polly takes matters into her own hands as she searches for secrets hidden within the Blossom mansion. Feeling restless, Polly decides to explore some of the lesser known places in the house. In a surprising twist, Polly uncovers a room solely devoted to red-headed wigs.

As if the scene wasn’t creepy enough, she is quickly discovered by Cliff Blossom and Penelope. Although Penelope warns Polly not to return to the east wing of the house, Cheryl and Polly return to the same room later in the episode. While the girls are preparing for homecoming, Cheryl stumbles upon Jason's engagement ring that he originally gave to Polly. Visibly shaken, Polly tells Cheryl that the Blossoms must have gotten the ring from Jason's dead body.

Penelope ends up drugging Polly with a strong milk shake, sending her to sleep and ultimately missing out on the school dance. Talk about creepy!

13 Mustang dead in a bathtub from a supposed overdose

Mustang Overdose in Riverdale

Episode twelve of season one was packed with surprising new reveals, including even more details about the mystery behind Jason Blossom’s murder. When Betty, Jughead, Archie and Veronica continue to hunt for the truth, they turn to an unlikely person for aid— Kevin's boyfriend, Joaquin.

In the episode, FP decided to use his sole phone call from prison to contact Joaquin, another member of the Serpents. After some coaxing by Kevin, Joaquin takes them to a dingy motel, where they find a slightly jaw-dropping scene.

The group stumbles upon a dead body, but this time it's certainly not a Blossom. The body's identity turns out to be Mustang, another Serpent who fought with FP in the past, and who seemingly died from a heroin overdose. In case you needed another reminder, this is definitely not the Archie Comics you might recall from the Sunday funny papers.

12 Betty and Veronica's make out

Riverdale Betty and Veronica Kiss at Cheerleading

In the pilot episode, Riverdale fans were given a quick look at a relationship outside of the predictable love triangle dynamic of Veronica and Betty fighting over Archie. In an utterly unexpected twist, Betty and Veronica actually shared a kiss in the first episode of season one.

When Veronica and Betty decide to try out for the cheerleading squad, Veronica makes a bold move and catches a surprised Betty off guard. The ostensible reason for the kiss was to spice up their try-out routine, but since when is there kissing in cheerleading routines?

The show changed gears rather abruptly, choosing to focus on a plethora of other intricate relationships in the show. The pair's kiss might have been used prominently in the marketing material leading up to the debut of the pilot episode, but interestingly enough, it wasn't mentioned again, even later in the season.

11 Finding out Jughead is homeless

Throughout much of the show, fans are treated several surprising developments, and they aren’t completely related to solving a murder mystery. On a sad note, many fans were slightly broken hearted after discovering that Jughead was homeless. In episode four of season one, “Outsiders, one of the most pressing matters on everyone’s mind wasn’t even linked to who killed Jason Blossom. Instead, everyone was literally panicking over Jughead’s living situation, or lack thereof. In "Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show", Jughead is distraught after finding out the drive-in will be closing (and eventually demolished completely). As if this didn’t pull on fans heartstrings enough, later in the season, Jughead tries to reach out to his Mom for a place to stay, but ultimately, that doesn’t seem to work out either.

10 Veronica and Cheryl's dance-off

Riverdale Veronica Lodge Cheerleader

Episode ten of season one, "Chapter 10: The Lost Weekend" is filled to the brim with chaos and mayhem, but the dance-off scene between Veronica and Cheryl is definitely a hilarious WTF moment.

Naturally, Cheryl is ready to give her A-game for the intense showdown, but the scene stands as one of the more lighthearted parts of the episode. Arguably two of the biggest divas in Riverdale, Madelaine Petsch kills it as Cheryl Blossom, while Camila Mendes certainly isn’t one to be overlooked with her performance as Veronica Lodge.

Competitive as ever, the girls face-off in an epic showdown, fighting for the crown of cheerleading captain for the River Vixens. Ultimately, the dance-off is short-lived, but we couldn’t help but include it on our list of some of the wildest moments from season one of Riverdale.

9 Archie and Grundy’s secret relationship

Miss Grundy and Archie Riverdale

In the first episode of season one, the writers of Riverdale proved that they weren’t going to hold back. When Archie and his teacher Miss Grundy were revealed as a legit couple, fans certainly didn’t take long before voicing their opinions about the matter. Grundy continued to appear on the show for three more episodes, before her abrupt departure in episode four.

While many fans rejoiced, we can’t help but wonder, why was Grundy able to skip out on town with no consequences whatsoever? In one of her final moments on the show, Grundy slipped on a pair of heart-shaped sunnies and seemed to check out several other unsuspecting under-age males, confirming her status as a pedator. Talk about yet another item to add to our list of WTF moments on Riverdale!

8 Polly staying in the attic and then living with the Blossoms

Riverdale Polly talking with Betty at Sisters of Quiet Mercy

In Riverdale, there are just so many moments that could be featured on this list, it would take hours to recite all of the craziest moments. The whole situation with Polly Cooper and the Blossom family could certainly warrant a list on its own. One moment, Polly was literally hiding from her own family in the attic, and the next moment, she decides to jump ship and agrees to go live with the Blossoms.

Of course, this is Riverdale we’re talking about, and the show definitely knows how to amp up the volume when it comes to drama. Some fans agreed to suspend belief when Polly was secretly hiding in the Cooper’s attic, but when she actually showed up at the Blossom’s mansion, some of us couldn’t help but shake our heads in disbelief.

7 Jughead’s unwanted surprise birthday party

Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper Cole Sprouse as Jughead in Riverdale Party Scene

Earlier, we alluded to some of the madness from episode ten of season one, "Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend", but we were waiting until this moment before we reiterated all the juicy details. The tenth episode was packed with crazy moments, but Jughead’s unwanted birthday party certainly takes the medal for first place.

Betty, bless her heart, decides to throw Jughead a surprise birthday party, but little did she know that Cheryl and Chuck would be on the hunt for revenge. Eager to redeem himself from the Dark Betty scandal from earlier in the season, Chuck agrees to head to the party with Cheryl and most of Riverdale High in tow. Of course, mayhem ensues, alcohol flows, and there are several trippy slo-mo scenes to wrap up all the craziness.

Tensions are high, but when Chuck reveals the secret details about Betty’s sinister side on blast in front of everyone, Jughead punches him in the face.

6 Possible twincest

Cheryl and Jason Blossom in Riverdale

In a very George R. R. Martin-esque twist, one of the writers drops a not-so-subtle line about twincest between Cheryl and Jason Blossom. Also in episode ten (surprise, surprise), Veronica questions Cheryl about her true feelings for her brother. In a scandalous moment, Cheryl doesn’t really seem to deny the accusations.

Before we jump to conclusions about the supposed Cersei and Jaime of Riverdale, let’s take a step back. Throughout the season, we’ve seen Cheryl struggle with her role in the Blossom family, and it could be that Jason was one of the only people to actually show her unconditional love. That being said, we definitely wouldn’t want to jump the gun on this one, but the mere idea of twincest in Riverdale definitely deserves a spot on our list of shocking moments.

5 Jason and Polly are actually cousins

Speaking of the Blossoms (and incest), fans were given a pretty shocking reveal towards the later half of the season. In episode twelve of season one, "Chapter Twelve: Anatomy of a Murder”, it was officially confirmed that Jason and Polly were actually related by blood.

Earlier in the season, we learned that the Cooper family has held a grudge against the Blossoms for generations, stemming back to when Betty’s great-grandfather was murdered by Cheryl’s great-grandfather. However, as the season unravels, we begin to learn more about the details surrounding the two families, and how they seem to have more in common than what was previously led on.

In episode twelve, we learned that Jason and Polly are actually cousins, thus causing Hal Cooper to try to convince Polly to have an abortion. However, on the Blossom side of the spectrum, Penelope’s reaction seems to be the most WTF of them all—“Nothing could be more purely Blossom than those babies.” Gross!

4 Betty’s Mom was a Southside Serpent

When it comes to Riverdale, season one seems to primarily focus on the whodunnit murder mystery of Jason Blossom, but it doesn’t take long for more secrets to come to light.

First and foremost, the enigmatic Alice Cooper, whose overbearing-mom demeanor seems to cover a past that’s riddled in darkness. When we're introduced to Alice Cooper, she's characterized by her controlling personality, and her undaunted sense of perfectionism. Played by the steely Mädchen Amick, Alice works as the editor of the local newspaper in Riverdale.

In episode ten (yet again!), Alice briefly crosses paths with Jughead’s father, FP, who alludes to Alice’s past as a Serpent. FP tells her that she shouldn't act so high and mighty, and reminds her that even though she lives on the other side of town, she shouldn't forget where she came from. "Snakes don't shed their skin so easily," FP says to her casually. Say what?!

3 Fred getting shot

Luke Perry as Frank Andrews in Riverdale

Ah, Fred Andrews. Throughout season one, Mr. Andrews has had his fair share of ups-and-downs, including losing his construction business and navigating and off-and-on again romance with Hermione Lodge. Sure, we all thought we had seen Frank’s craziest moment when he literally asked Grundy out to dinner (with Archie in tow, no less), but in true Riverdale fashion, the craziest twist was yet to come.

At the end of season one, Fred actually gets shot by a mysterious masked burglar. Thankfully, actor Luke Perry is set to reprise his role for Riverdale season two, so we’d like to believe that Fred will be back in action come October. While we’re not entirely sure that next season will be focusing on the who-shot-Frank plotline, it’s definitely going to be a big piece of the puzzle for our favorite Riverdale sleuths.

2 Betty's secret brother

Riverdale Betty and Alice Cooper

When it comes to Riverdale, it seems like the season’s reveals kept getting crazier and crazier as the season progressed. In the season finale, not only do we discover the dark secrets lurking within the Blossom family, but we also get a huge announcement from Alice Cooper.

Betty’s mom tells her that she was pregnant in high school, just like Polly. While we’re not one hundred percent sure about who’s the father, Alice said that Hal had sent her to the Sisters of Silent Mercy and forced her to give up the baby for adoption.

One of the craziest reveals of this season? Betty has a brother out there! Certain fan theories have been circulating, with fans pointing towards Kevin’s boyfriend, Joaquin as a possible option.

1 Jason Blossom’s killer is his father Clifford, who kills himself

Clifford Blossom in Riverdale Season One

Over the course of thirteen episodes, Riverdale has delivered a serious whodunnit mystery, several slices of drama, and of course, made us all fall in love with Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Archie. In episode twelve, the show finally revealed one of the biggest mysteries of the season, including the true identity of Jason Blossom’s killer— none other than his own father, Clifford Blossom. Upon realizing that the truth had finally been uncovered, Clifford decides to kill himself before the police arrive.

With season two slated for an October release, we can’t want to learn more about the mysterious secrets found within Riverdale. Who do you think shot Fred Andrews? And, who could possibly be Betty’s long-lost brother? Will "Bughead" and "Varchie" stand the test of time? We’ll have to wait until season two before we can get our answers.


Are there any insane moments from Riverdale that you think we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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