Riverdale: [Spoiler] Returning for Season 3

Chic Cooper is coming back to Riverdale for season 3. The last time Chic, played by Hart Denton, was seen on Riverdale, he wasn't in good shape. Chic had just been exposed as an impostor to the Cooper family and was, very possibly, the next victim of serial killer The Black Hood.

Betty Cooper and Jughead discovered late into Riverdale season 2 that the man claiming to be her half brother, Chic, was not even close to being family. Chic Cooper was claiming to be Charles Cooper, Betty's real brother. Chic was actually Charles' former roommate, and may have even killed Charles in a fit of rage. For this and pretty much every other extraordinarily creepy thing Chic had done, Betty sicked the Black Hood (who was secretly her father Hal) on Chic, with the intention of killing him. Evidently Chic, somehow, survived and will be back to haunt the Coopers in Riverdale season 3.

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The news came from Alice Cooper herself, Mädchen Amick. Captured by a fan on Instagram, the actress spoke at an event for mental health awareness. While there she was accompanied and introduced by Hart Denton. While speaking about Denton, Amick dropped a huge Riverdale spoiler. The actress teased:

I’m sure you’re all aware of [Denton’s] creepy portrayal of the Cooper son and I can’t wait to see what he’s gonna be up to in season three… SPOILER ALERT!

While not everyone with Riverdale or The CW might be happy about Mädchen's spoiler, it's not all that surprising. Although Chic's last appearance in Riverdale season 2 heavily implied the character had died, a body was never shown. Betty even went to the morgue to identify the body of a young man who turned to NOT be Chic. A good rule of thumb for any nighttime soap is if a body isn't a shown, a dead character probably isn't dead. Previously this season, Riverdale claimed Fangs Fogarty had died off-camera, only for Fangs to be revealed alive and well in the very next episode.

The interesting thing isn't so much that Chic is alive. It's how Chic will play into season 3. Betty and the Coopers made it pretty clear they wanted nothing to do with Chic, with the whole attempted murder incident. With the reveal that he's not Alice Cooper's son, there's very little for Chic to gain in coming back to the Cooper family, except for maybe some revenge against Betty. Although, with Hiram Lodge collecting an assortment of Riverdale baddies and arresting Archie Andrews, the show doesn't really need any more villains for season 3.

The more shocking and compelling twist would be if Chic's return is of a much more altruistic nature. If Chic is alive after being chased by The Black Hood, it's not too much of a stretch to think that the real Charles Cooper is also still alive. Meaning that season 3 could see both of Betty's brothers. If Charles is alive, Chic is probably the only one who can find him. After all, Chic, in his own very twisted way, did seem to care for Betty and Alice, particularly the latter. Maybe he'll make amends with Alice in season 3 by bringing her real son back to her and creating the real family reunion that was denied in season 2. However, anything that could brighten Riverdale season 3, after its very dour season 2, would be worth it. Even if Chic turning to heroism isn't exactly in his very disturbing character. 

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Source: Mädchen Amick / Instagram

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