14Ruins: Moose Mason

In both the show and the comics, Moose Mason is a stereotypical version of a jock. For Moose, football is his life and he’s not the smartest kid at school. In the Archie comics, it was eventually revealed that he has dyslexia. Most of all, he is extremely

protective of his girlfriend Midge Klump.

Moose, whose real name is Marmaduke Mason, has these same attributes on the show. However in Riverdale, a main difference is that Moose's sexuality. In season one, we witness Moose sneaking off to hook up with Kevin Keller, although he's dating Midge - as he does in the comics. While it's good that the show added some much needed diversity, the show isn’t consistent.

In the second season, Moose is still Midge Klump and seemingly nothing has come of his love story with Kevin. It's fine if Moose is curious, but at least address in the show that he's made a choice.

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