Riverdale Stars Confirm the Black Hood Will Be Revealed Soon

Riverdale stars K.J. Apa and Madelaine Petsch reveal that audiences do not have long to wait to find out who The Black Hood is.

Riverdale - The Man in the Black Hood

Riverdale's stars have confirmed that the wait to learn who The Black Hood is will not be a long one. The first season of Riverdale kept audiences wondering who killed Jason Blossom up until the second to last episode. Fan theories flooded the internet as the show became a huge hit and after the killer was revealed, the next big question was how the second season would create a mystery that could possibly top it.

Well, instead of looking for the identity of a one time murderer, this season the mystery so far has been the identity of The Black Hood, a would be serial killer. While the Black Hood has successfully killed Miss Grundy, and probably Robert Phillips aka The Sugerman, it's not correct yet to refer to him as a serial killer with only two kills to his name. That's not for a lack of trying however, seeing as he also shot Fred Andrews and Moose, and attempted to shoot Midge; not to mention the psychological torture he has subjected Betty Cooper and her loved ones to. As of right now, the show's characters don't have much to go on when it comes to identifying The Black Hood - and neither does the audience.

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However, it sounds like that is about to change. Riverdale stars KJ Apa (Archie Andrews) and Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl Blossom) gave an interview to Glamour in which they were asked was about the identity of The Black Hood. While they of course did not say who it was, their answer indicated that the wait is almost over.

The question that the actors were specifically asked was whether the killer's identity was a surprise to them. Apa admitted that it was not a shock to him, as he had correctly guessed the answer. Petsch's answer was a little more complicated, however:

"I didn’t guess it. When I read it, it shocked me, but you won’t have to wait much longer. A couple more episodes and the mystery will be revealed."

If the identity of The Black Hood is going to be revealed so quickly, that might indicate another mystery popping up before too long. Or instead, the show might simply refocus on the aftermath of the characters finding out who the killer is. Though to be fair, Petsch only indicated that the audience will know the answer soon. It's very possible that the characters won't know the man's identity for awhile yet. That could certainly set up some tension for fans of the show as they watch their favorite characters interacting with someone who wants them all dead - without realizing it.

There's only three more episodes of Riverdale scheduled before the winter hiatus, then the show will return in January. So if Petsch is right, it's likely that the identity of The Black Hood will be revealed before the break.

The actors both touched on some other subjects and mild spoilers, such as how Fred Andrews still has a long way to go to recover from being shot, and whether or not they think their red-haired characters might be related. They also discussed their characters' upcoming stories, reiterating that audiences can look forward to Cheryl getting a new love interest this season. Meanwhile, Archie seems to be getting his act together, but it seems that he hasn't completely given up on his desire for revenge against The Black Hood after all.

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Riverdale continues Wednesday, November 29, with 'Chapter Twenty: Tales from the Dark Side' on The CW.

Source: Glamour

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