15 Things About Riverdale That Make No Sense

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Riverdale has come to many as a pleasant surprise. Dark, juicy, and filled with attractive actors portraying Archie Comics favourite characters, this is the ultimate teen drama with a twist. As the show has progressed, the reception has generally improved—especially after Ms. Grundy was out of the picture.

However, there are still some questionable aspects that we just can’t wrap our heads around. For instance, how did Veronica pull a full 180 from being the meanest girl in school to one of the nicest? And what about that final episode of season 1 – was it really necessary to throw in a million cliffhangers when Jason Blossom’s death has yet to be fully resolved?

Don’t get us wrong, watching Cheryl burn her house down on a whim was thrilling. But still, the storyline choice by the show’s writers just doesn’t seem to make sense. And what about Josie and the Pussycats? Why does the actor who plays Josie, Ashleigh Murray, get so little attention on the show?

We can’t wait for season 2 to come and explain to us these mysteries, but for now, we have some questions. Read on for the 15 Things About Riverdale That Make No Sense.

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Riverdale Josie McCoy Josie and The Pussycats Singing
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15 Josie's Lack Of Screen Time

Riverdale Josie McCoy Josie and The Pussycats Singing

As much as we love the core four, there are several other characters that we wish got more screen time. One character in particularly deserved so much more attention than she got, and this lack of attention just plain doesn’t make sense to us. As the leader of the Pussycats, Josie McCoy should have featured more regularly on the show.

Instead, other than a few scenes where she is seen performing, and a small handful of others when we see her interact with her mother, she plays an almost entirely inconsequential role on the show.

Given her talent and the fact that she is the daughter of the mayor, as well as an extremely empowering character who represents diversity, this lack of attention was disappointing. Even though it makes sense if we are to compare it to the equally small role Josie plays in Archie comics, considering how much the writers have already veered from the comics, they very well could have given her more attention.

14 Veronica's Complete Personality Makeover

Riverdale Veronica Lodge Cheerleader

Although we had some vague idea that Veronica used to be a lot meaner than she is now, this wasn’t really explained concretely until the episode "La Grande Illusion", where Veronica tells Kevin exactly how mean she used to be. In this conversation, Veronica reveals that she and her best friend Katie bullied someone at their school to the point where she couldn’t handle it anymore and ended up switching schools.

Sure, when Ronnie lost all of her money and her father went to jail, she felt remorse. But it’s hard to believe that the switchover could be so dramatic, from outwardly bullying a "misfit" - as Veronica called the girl she bullied - to helping out pretty much everyone. We love nice Veronica, but the complete personality switch seems unrealistic.

13 Cheryl Burns Down Thornhill

Riverdale Cheryl Blossom Burns Thronhill Mansion House Down

It’s not that we don’t know why Cheryl burned her house down— for a fresh start, she said. It’s not even that we aren’t curious about other theories as to why she might have burned her house down, such as to cover evidence pertaining to her father’s suicide/possible murder.

This entry is more questioning the fact that Cheryl burning her own house down was written into the season finale at all. After episodes 1-12 were almost entirely focused on the murder of Jason Blossom, for episode 13 to have Cheryl attempting suicide, Archie and Veronica sleeping together, Betty and Jughead almost doing the same, Jughead (most likely) becoming a Southside Serpent, and Fred Andrews getting shot, there just seems to be enough happening without Cheryl going ahead and casually torching Thornhill in the last seven minutes.

Couldn’t they have saved this for another episode? It’s not like there weren't enough cliffhangers already set up for season 2.

12 Why Archie And Jughead Are Friends At All

Riverdale Archie and Jughead in Construction Outfits

Of course, Archie and Jughead’s friendship does stay true to the comics. Yet, even in the comics, their friendship did not always make sense, with Jughead constantly rolling his eyes at Archie’s antics, and Archie often selfishly ditching Jughead for one of his many girls.

In Riverdale, their friendship makes even less sense. Archie is a typical bro, getting messy drunk at parties, juggling several women at once, captain of the football team… Jughead, meanwhile, is a broody version of the one we know and love from the comics, hating himself most of the time, and the rest of the time mistrusting others.

Add that to the fact that Jughead is now dating Betty, and Betty will always have a flame in her heart for Archie, we just don’t like where this is going.

11 Polly’s Erratic, Slightly Terrifying Personality Was Never Explained

Riverdale Polly talking with Betty at Sisters of Quiet Mercy

Many fans have been suspicious of Polly Cooper from the very beginning of the show. Although a lot of this likely comes from the hushed tones used when the Coopers speak of her in the first few episodes, when we meet Polly at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, a home for troubled youth, there is a certain look in her eye and a hysteria in her voice that tells us maybe something is off— apart from the fact her ex-boyfriend was murdered and she is pregnant with his twins, of course.

So, unless Polly flies off the handle in season 2, her rather erratic behaviour and slightly terrifying, unblinking eyes don’t really seem to make sense, except to add to the already creepy feel of the show.

10 Hermione's 180 Character Switch

Riverdale Hermione Lodge

Remember when we are first introduced to Hermione Lodge, and she comes off as the sweetest, most humble mother ever? She is cool and calm in her parenting with Veronica, regrets her decisions of the past, and even takes a job waitressing to make a living.

This is why it is so confusing when halfway through season 1, Hermione suddenly switches to this horrible parent who forges her daughter’s signature before the law, and will stoop to any measure to protect Hiram and their possible fortune.

Sure, this could mean that Hermione was somehow involved in some shady affairs regarding Hiram and Jason and other Blossom family members. But the issue is why she didn’t come off as horrible in the beginning of the show, instead having a completely character switchover midway through.

9 The Kiss Between Betty And Veronica That Was Never Acknowledged Again

Riverdale Betty and Veronica Kiss at Cheerleading

Remember in the first episode of the show, Veronica and Betty are still finding their way as new friends, and they both try out for the cheerleading squad? Of course, we are talking about the iconic kiss shared between Betty and Veronica, although its status of iconic may be contested.

In fact, the kiss seemed rather unnecessary to the show’s storyline. Although Betty and Veronica were not kissing for the purpose of the male gaze in the show itself, it felt as though the writers just threw in a girl-on-girl kiss simply to boost ratings. Given that the kiss is never addressed again, and the show does not seem to be moving to any kind of romantic relationship between the two, it all felt very out of context, and even a slightly manipulative move.

8 Why Every Girl Is Obsessed With Archie

After the season finale where Archie bloodies his hand to save Cheryl, haters have begun to warm to the polarizing figure. Even so, we still don’t understand why so many women are into Archie.

Sure, he’s built, but other than that, he is a bit of a dud. His music is whiny and his problems are so non-essential that they barely register. Not to mention his lack of loyalty-- already presenting itself in his jealousy of Betty and Jughead, despite now having Veronica by his side.

This is on top of his messing around with Valerie (thank goodness that’s over, she was way too good for him) and Cheryl’s infatuation for him.

Again, this is true to the comics, but it didn’t make sense then either.

7 How Any Of These Parents Have Managed To Have Semi-Normal Kids

Riverdale Alice Cooper

It all seemed pretty innocent when we were first introduced to Fred Andrews, a supportive and surprisingly chill dad who didn't give his son a hard time about prioritizing music and football over working for the family business.

Next thing you know, every single parent in the show was doing the shadiest things, from forging their child’s signature (Hermione Lodge), to intensely pressuring their child to succeed (Sierra McCoy), to micromanaging their child’s every move (Alice Cooper). Then, of course, you have the fathers—a murderer (Clifford Blossom), a gang-member (FP Jones), and a corrupt tycoon (Hiram Lodge).

Given the incredibly messed-up status of their parents, how did the kids get so far in life?! In any normal situation, this would not be the case, and their position as relatively normal teenagers is unrealistic.

6 Why Jughead Feels The Need To Cover His Beautiful Hair

Riverdale Review Cole Sprouse Jughead Jones

Given that Jughead does not even sport the original crown, his constant use of a Jughead-style toque doesn’t really make much sense at all. Especially when we consider this: he really has the most perfect head of hair underneath that dirty toque. It’s dark and thick and voluminous. Why would anyone ever cover that up!?

In all truth, though, people who wear hats all the time are often hiding an insecurity underneath there – either greying hair or loss of hair. Since Jughead has neither of those things, why does he insist on still wearing the darned hat Every. Single. Day.

Sure, it’s a style for broody poet-types, but it’s also so 1990s, and when you have luscious locks like Jughead’s, you just don’t hide it.

5 Polly’s 'Crazy' Party Girl Reputation

Riverdale Polly and Jason at Pops Choklit Shoppe

Before we meet Polly, we are lead to believe she is some super wild party girl. This is how the boys at school talk about her, and it’s also how Alice and Hal Cooper seem to understand her, too.

This is why it’s strange when we meet Polly and we see she is indeed "crazy", but not in the way she was made to seem. In reality, she is crazy in the far more literal sense.

Polly does not come off as a party girl at all. Yes, she got pregnant, but it’s hard to believe she would have been one staying up till all hours of the night partying with the school jocks. It seems that really she was just head over heels in love with Jason, and the party-girl Polly that we are led to believe is her character in the first few episodes seems misleading.

4 All Those Wigs In Clifford Blossom's Cupboard

Riverdale Polly sees Clifford Admiring his collection of wigs

As strange as it was for Polly to be living at the Blossoms’ house, things were taken to a whole other level when she snuck into the East Wing of Thornhill and found a white-haired Clifford Blossom staring (admiring?) his substantial collection of red-haired wigs.

Although it is clear that the show was demonstrating to viewers that Clifford wears red-haired wigs to cover up for the fact that he has white hair, the fact that he had a cupboard full of red wigs on mannequin heads seemed a bit… extra.

Could this be readdressed in season 2, or was that really all there was to it? If that was it, then it seemed like an unnecessary scene, only there to add to the general creepiness of the show.

3 How FP Knew To Set Up A Camera That Would Catch The Murder Of Jason Blossom

Riverdale FP and Joaquin in the basement with dead Jason Blossom

To end the second to last episode of the season, Riverdale felt it necessary to have Archie and the gang watch the murder go down on a computer screen. Although we know it is FP who captured this on film, we have no idea why there was a camera there in the first place. This seems like a problematic plot hole, unless the writers can somehow implicate FP into murderous goings-on even more than he is already implicated.

If, however, they merely address it by claiming it as a security move by FP, the camera that just so happened to film the murder of Jason Blossom will simply not make sense. Even so, we can still appreciate its presence in the show, as it was the ultimate piece of evidence for demonstrating Clifford Blossom’s guilt.

2 That We Never Got Closure About Ms. Grundy

Riverdale Ms Grundy playing cello

The beginning of Riverdale had a much different vibe than the rest of the show, and this is particularly highlighted by the core focus on Ms. Grundy in the first few episodes, and the subsequent disappearance of both her character and her relevance a few episodes later.

Indeed, she played such a questionable and prevalent character in the first few episodes that many continued to believe that the murderer could have been Geraldine Grundy up until the big reveal near the end of the season.

That she just disappeared off the face of the earth, and that her role in the first few episodes seemed to have no effect on the plot of the show, made no sense. Unless she reappears in season 2, this will continue to be an issue.

1 The One-Dimensional Portrayal Of Kevin

Riverdale Pilot Kevin Keller Casey Cott

Kevin Keller is a more recent fan favourite of Archie Comics lovers. He is kind and cool, and despite being the son of the town sheriff, he kicks it with kids who might not fall in line with the sheriff’s views.

But despite his great personality traits, Kevin also seems to be given a small role in the show. Not only this, but the only times that he gains some importance is when he can somehow highlight the goings-on at the sheriff’s office, or further the plot of the show through his relationship with Joaquin.

As important as these factors are for the show, we wish they would do some more character-building on Kevin as a character, as they’ve done with the core fore. If anyone deserves it, it’s Kevin. Luckily, Kevin's portrayer, Casey Colt, has been upgraded to a series regular for season 2, so it seems we'll get our wishes.


Did we miss an important aspect of Riverdale that doesn't seem to make sense? Let us know in the comments!

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