Mixed in with all the other comic book adaptations on TV and in movies of late, who knew one based on the almost 80 years old Archie Comics would be such a success. But thanks to creator/showrunner Robert Aguirre-Sacasa, Riverdale is far from its whimsical past, adding Gossip Girl style relationship drama to a Twin Peaks-esque dark and mystery filled show. With writing like that, it’s no wonder the show has been a success so far.

Season 1 took fans deeper into the lives of the shows’ characters, ultimately ending where it started – with a possible murder mystery. And season 2 looks to be taking an even darker path, with titles revealed for the first few episodes suggesting inspiration from classic horror/thriller movies, and the promise of a “broken Betty” taking center stage for the season 2 plot.

Aside from all the misery and death, fans love the show for it’s cast of lovable high schoolers (even if they’re not teens in real life). The cast haven’t been shy in expressing just how well they get on, sharing behind-the-scenes foolery and sweet sentimental photos on social media.

Before season 2 hits screens in October, immerse yourself in these 15 Behind-The-Scenes Pictures Every Riverdale Fan NEEDS To See.

15. The beginning

And so it begins. #Riverdale

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Riverdale has seen its cast go through a lot of firsts in their careers. It was KJ Apa’s first audition in LA, Cole Sprouse’s first acting job since his Disney Channel days, Camila Mendes’s first producer callback, and Lili Reinhart’s first LA audition only a few days after she moved to the city. For those reasons alone, it’s pretty amazing it all went so well for the young actors.

Sprouse (Jughead) sums up the casts’ feelings, towards filming the series, pretty well: “We all showed up on set and it was magic. As a cast, we get along like peas in pods. I’m sure every cast says that stupid cliché s**t, but as someone who was a little bit nervous about returning to acting, I was wondering about how we were all going to get along as a cast. I’m so thankful that we do and that it works.”

Just from this photo Lili posted on Instagram, fans can tell that Cole wasn’t just saying “stupid cliche s**t” and that they are actually good friends off screen.

14. On set stupidity

Quiet on set

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Season 2 began filming in late June, and following on from the first season’s insane cliffhanger ending, it seems like the second is going to be just as dark, if not darker. With the first episode titled “A Kiss Before Dying”, and Luke Perry missing from the first season 2 table read, things aren’t looking good for Fred Andrews, which means bad news for his son, Archie.

Knowing the dark nature of season 2, this photo Apa posted on Instagram conjures up all kinds of questions. Is this a scene in the show, or just the guys goofing around like they do between takes? If it is a scene, does it mean they’re adding in humor to counteract the miserable plots? Or is it just silliness to lighten the mood on set while they film a slew of upsetting scenes? We’ll have to wait until October to find out.