Riverdale Actor Wants to Play Nightwing

New 52 Nightwing from DC Comics

In Riverdale, Trevor Stines plays Jason Blossom; the murdered twin brother of Cheryl Blossom who washed up from Sweetwater River. Aside from starring in TV series The Fosters, it’s the actor’s first major role on the small screen and clearly, a gig he is proud of, with Stines recently proving just how big a fan he is of the comic book world.

While his role in Riverdale is limited and the actor has to-date only really appeared in dream sequences and flashbacks, the twists and turns we’ve seen in Riverdale to-date suggest we may see more of Jason Blossom down the line than expected. ComicBook and other media outlets got the chance to chat with Stines during a visit to the CW show’s set. After Stines was done with a live-tweeting session, he revealed which fan-favorite comic book character he’s got his sights on playing next:

“I’ve been a huge comic book fan my entire life. Nightwing always has stuck out to me as a character. I love his design, and the character of Dick Grayson has always been an interesting one. Dick Grayson in particular I think has always stuck out to me because he’s the Robin who grew up. He’s the one who worked under Batman, learned everything that Batman had to teach him, but then went off on his own and became a full-fledged superhero outside of Batman’s shadow. I think he’s a great character, and there’s such a great complexity in that relationship with Batman, and in that kind of growth as a person, to take something that someone gave you and to make it your own as a human being as an adult, to use it to help people.”

#WhoKilledJasonBlossom? The mystery unravels just a bit more in tonight's new episode of #Riverdale. Tune in! #JusticeForJason

— Trevor Stines (@Trevor_Stines) February 9, 2017

It’s unsurprising that Stines has his sights set on more of a leading role in his next project. Though Jason Blossom appears frequently throughout the comic book iterations of Archie’s world (usually as the rival to the leading man), he’s more of an ensemble and secondary character when it comes to making appearances in Riverdale, despite the entire A-plot focusing on his death.

Stines certainly has the traditional facial structure and look of a modern-day superhero that one might find in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but when it comes to the world of DC Extended Universe, they like their heroes looking a little grittier. Stines may be too dapper for Nightwing.

In saying that, there’s every chance the DCEU or Arrowverse could be looking for a hero with a unique look, for which Stines could slot in perfectly. While there’s not been any hint as to Nightwing being added to either universe, the character could be a big pull for either a television series in the future or an upcoming DCEU release. As always, fans eyes will be turned to the horizon for any Easter Eggs or hints about who’ll be brought to any live-action adaptations in the future.

Riverdale continues on The CW every Thursday at 9pm EST.


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