Riverdale: 5 Reasons Varchie Are Relationship Goals (& 5 They Aren't)

In Archie Comics, Archie and Veronica's relationship is about as deep as a wading pool. Other than a mutual physical attraction, what do these two really like about each other? Veronica is a spoiled, stuck-up princess and Archie routinely dumps Ronnie or cheats on her with her best friend Betty. Comic book Varchie is hardly the paragon of a perfect relationship.

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However, the Riverdale version of this iconic couple has a lot more heart. Seriously, every other scene with these two seems to feature some profession of love. Varchie's contemporary makeover is one that abounds positivity. Feelings are taken into account. Games are rarely played. There's respect and consideration that their comic book counterparts lack. But if there's one major holdover from Archie Comics, it's that Varchie's connection is largely defined by the physical. So, is Riverdale Varchie truly endgame? Here are five reasons that Varchie are relationship goals and five reasons that they're not at all.

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10 Not - Archie Soprano

The most healthy relationships foster personal growth, not just as partners but as individuals. It's a flag redder than Archie's hair that his efforts to get closer to Ronnie involve becoming a personal goon to her mobster father. Archie completely throws his values out the window, turning his back on those who love him most, namely Fred and Jughead.

It's Archie's nobility that Ronnie fell for in the first place, but she's hardly heartbroken about his corruption. In fact, her reaction is the opposite; Veronica is elated that the men in her life are getting along so well. It's hard to blame her for her lack of foresight. She just got her father back and is so happy that the Lodges are a family again. Of course she's willing to overlook Hiram's underhandedness, but it's not a good sign that she encourages it in Archie.

9 Goals - Honesty

Varchie gets a lot of flack for being considered inferior to Bughead's relationship. Sure, the latter is seemingly deeper and more mature, but when it comes to open communication, Varchie pulls ahead.

Case in point: the Barchie kiss. Everyone in the core four is single at this point, which finds Betty and Archie sharing an adrenaline-laced smooch after an attack from the Black Hood. Later, when Varchie reconciles, Archie immediately tells Ronnie about the kiss. She's obviously not happy, but is understanding and appreciative of Archie's honesty. On the flip side, Betty hides it from Jughead, only for him to find out later, making the sting all the more painful. When Varchie's tongues aren't in each other's mouths, they're put to good use with steady, open communication.

8 Not - Revenge of the flirt

Jughead learns of the Barchie kiss during a couple's weekend at the Lodge Lodge. In an effort to quell tension, Veronica suggests that she and Jughead even the romantic scales by sharing a kiss of their own. But while Veronica may seem to be playing the role of peacekeeper, it's a little disturbing that her efforts also double as an act of malice against her boyfriend and bestie. All turned out fine, but Vughead was dangerously close to killing two relationships with one kiss.

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Further evidence from that weekend suggests that Veronica uses flirtation as a form of retribution. She and Archie have an argument and Ronnie responds by storming into town, Betty in tow, and throwing herself at a convenience store cashier. Behavior like this can be detrimental to a relationship but Varchie lucked out. The cashier only tries to rob Lodge Lodge and terrorizes the teens. Barely any consequences at all.

7 Goals - You're the one that I want...

From their first meeting, it was clear that Veronica and Archie have a strong romantic connection. They hold off initially out of deference to Betty's feelings but finally find their way to each other. Varchie's relationship takes some major hits and their off-again phases find one or both of them finding romance with someone else.

But this is what makes Varchie strong. From the temptation of others to murder charges to attempts on their lives, Veronica and Archie have had every obstacle imaginable thrown at them. Sometimes they get knocked down, but they always get back up. These two can survive anything, both as individuals and as a couple.

6 Not - ...But I also want other people

Yes, Veronica and Archie are always each other's number one. But between them, they've made out with almost half of Riverdale during their breakup periods. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this. Ronnie and Archie aren't a married couple; they're teenagers. This is the period in their life when they should be dating around and kissing other people.

While their lust for others may be a healthy part of their teenage lives, it still doesn't bode well for their relationship. It won't be surprising if Varchie breaks up six hundred more times, so what happens if either Veronica or Archie's rebound du jour turns out to be the one? After all those hits, will Varchie finally be down for the count?

5 Goals - Insatiable intimacy

Even the most soulful connection isn't enough to sustain a romantic partnership if the physical chemistry isn't there. Fortunately, Varchie has steaminess to burn. And man, do they burn it bright.

Teen sex can be incredibly complicated. The pressure to consummate a relationship before you're ready can be overwhelming. Veronica and Archie realize the emotional gravitas of taking such a step and don't rush into anything. But when they do decide to be intimate for the first time, Veronica acknowledges that it was inevitable because of their burgeoning sexual tension. Apparently Varchie lived up to each other's expectations, because after the deed is done, it's off to the races. They take every opportunity to express their passion with no signs of running out of steam.

4 Not - Too hot to handle?

Physical desire for your mate is beyond important, but that can't be the only thing keeping your relationship alive. There's no doubt that Varchie's love goes beyond the sex. They legitimately care for each other. However their relationship, like any other, has problems, and instead of making solutions, they often just end up making love.

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Breakup sex. Makeup sex. Juvie locker room sex. It's fabulous to be that physically attracted to your partner but Varchie's desire for each other can rear its horny head at the most inopportune times. When the incarcerated Archie is forced to participate in an underground fight club, Veronica investigates. Her reaction? "I'd recognize those abs anywhere." Yep. Not "OMG, my boyfriend is being abused and might die. This has to end!" Eventually Ronnie gets there, but c'mon girl, get your priorities straight.

3 Goals - They're fighters

When Archie is thrown into juvie, Veronica initiates an Innocence Project in an attempt to get him exonerated. She follows that up by concocting a "so crazy it might just work" scheme to break Archie out of his imprisonment. With some help from the gang, Ronnie pulls off the unthinkable. Veronica may not always think with her head, but when she does, she's definitely the kind of girlfriend you want to have in your corner.

Archie may not have his girlfriend's chutzpah, but this boxer is just as willing to fight for Ronnie's safety and happiness. When she agrees to spend the night with the odious Nick St. Clair, Archie races to save her. As it turns out, Lodge women don't need rescuing and Ronnie had already dispatched with Nick herself. But it's a comfort knowing your Red Paladin will always have your back.

2 Not - Brooding baby

Archie Andrews has lived through some scary stuff. He's had a mobster gunning for him, been convicted of murder, and attacked by a freaking bear. Yet the scariest moment of his life was saying "I love you" to Veronica for the first time. Being the first to say it is always terrifying. What if the other person doesn't say it back?

The answer? Don't act like a big baby. Sure, it had to sting when Veronica was unable to return the sentiment. But what did Archie expect? Would it have been better for her to lie? If she wasn't ready before, she's definitely not when Archie turns into a passive-aggressive jerk about it. He's so moody that he and Veronica end up getting into a fight in the middle of a musical performance. Oh yeah, then they break up. Is Archiekins aware that there is such a thing as giving the other person time?

1 Goals - Willing to be vulnerable

Veronica may have famously said that her specialty is ice, but she proves to be one hot-blooded girlfriend. When she's not getting frisky with Archie, she's in the midst of some fiery battle with one of his enemies. But it's hard for Ronnie to show her soft side, a lot harder than it is for Archie. But losing him makes Ronnie realize her true feelings and that when it comes to Archie, it's worth putting everything on the line. She shows up on his doorstep touting mistletoe and returns his profession with those three small words.

Even if it's hard for Veronica to be vulnerable, she sure fosters an environment where Archie can be. After his dad is shot, Archie directs his anger at her. He tries to push her away, but she refuses to budge. This isn't the outcome Archie wants, but it allows him to break down into tears and find catharsis. The most positive relationships allow us to be emotionally raw and real in front of our partner. For all their problems, Varchie is one loving, shipworthy couple.

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