15Monster Trucks

Riskiest Box Office Bets - Monster Trucks

Release: 1/13

Budget: $125M

January is generally usually the month where studios send movies they expect to under perform, though that's not always the case (see Lone Survivor's wide release as an example of a January success story). But, the failures far outnumber the successes when it comes to box office returns

at this stage of the New Year. Paramount Pictures was feeling somewhat confident about their upcoming live-action/animated alien movie, Monster Trucks...that is until the trailer released and the internet had one long, boisterous laugh.

It's easy to see Paramount was originally high on Monster Trucks. After all, it does have director Chris Wedge (Epic, Ice Age) at the helm, was written by Derek Connolly (Jurassic World, Star Wars: Episode IX) and stars Lucas Till (X-Men: Apocalypse, MacGyver) and Jane Levy (Don't Breathe). It's possible the movie will be a light, fun family flick, but tossing $125 million at this film seems fiscally irresponsible. Paramount has to be hoping that whatever this film (undoubtedly) loses at the box office, will eventually be made up in the home theater market.

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