12Seventh Son - Not Worth It

Seventh Son - Ben Barnes, Jeff Bridges

Budget: $95M

  • Domestic: $17M
  • Foreign: $93
  • Worldwide: $110M
  • DVD: $8M


  • IMDb: 5.5 
  • RT: 12%
  • SR: 2 stars

Seventh Son felt like one of those movies that was doomed from the very beginning. Not only did the distribution studio change hands from Warner Bros to Universal Studios (something that doesn't happen often with good films in Hollywood) and the

release date get pushed back several times, but Legendary Pictures also had to give $5 million to defunct SFX house Rhythm and Hues Studios just to get the special effects completed on the movie.

Combine all that with a talented and seasoned cast (Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore) that seems to be "phoning in" their performances (Ben Barnes notwithstanding), and it's easy to see why audiences just were all that interested in Seventh Son.

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