Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker: 10 Things We Learned From D23 Footage (That You Might Have Missed)

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With Disney choosing to release fresh new footage from The Rise of Skywalker, excitement for the newest Star Wars blockbuster is beginning to gather pace. Previously, we’d only got a teaser trailer but at D23 the studio showed off scenes from the next installment, sending fans of the franchise into meltdown along the way.

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The bulk of the teaser gives us older Star Wars footage but there’s a whole minute of new action for people to feast their eyes on. We now take a look at 10 things we learned and what you might have missed when you watched the footage the first time around.

10 The Gang Are Staying Together

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Trailer - Rey Poe and Finn

In both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, the main characters spend plenty of time away from each other as they aim to topple Kylo Ren and the villainous First Order. The last movie felt a bit disjointed as a result with many unimpressed by the decision to juggle dramatic scenes involving Rey, Kylo, Finn, and Rose Tico all at the same time.

But, already, The Rise of Skywalker may be about to change all that. There’s a brief clip where it shows Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Chewbacca and C3PO on a desert planet which may or not be Pasaana, one of the new locations previously revealed to be in the film. It looks as if Disney has learned from their past mistakes by allowing the main characters to fight together, rather than individually.

9 Starkiller Weaponry May Have Survived

First Order Starkiller Base Fired

There have been plenty of rumors that Death Star technology may be available on certain Star Destroyers to help Emperor Palpatine, who we know is returning in some shape or form, carry out his mission of eliminating the Resistance and rising to power once again. However, it seems as if Starkiller Base’s formidable lasers may be used instead.

In the D23 trailer, there’s a glimpse of a bright red beam destroying the surface of a planet. While the Death Star’s weapons were green, this isn’t the case which may suggest that it’s cut from the same cloth as the lasers used by the First Order in The Force Awakens. How it was able to live on remains a mystery but it appears our heroes will be pitted against some mighty strong enemies this time around.

8 The Last Jedi May Have Been Forgotten

The Last Jedi was a solid Star Wars movie but divided opinion among the fans, with many venting their fury at director Rian Johnson on social media in the immediate aftermath of the blockbuster’s release. And, so divisive has the movie proved to be, it already seems as if Disney is trying to distance themselves from it.

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The D23 footage kicks off with lots of footage from previous movies in the Skywalker saga. There’s plenty of the original trilogy, plenty of the sequels and a fair amount of 2015’s The Force Awakens. But they show just three scenes from The Last Jedi: Luke and Leia saying goodbye, Resistance speeders flying towards the First Order on Crait and Kylo Ren and Rey touching hands.

7 Tantive IV Is Back

Star Wars: Clone Wars Tantive IV

This was the first ship we ever saw in the franchise, the place where Darth Vader and the Empire storm in 1977’s A New Hope and also the setting of one of the Sith Lord’s most murderous rampages in Rogue One. The vehicle also popped up briefly in Revenge of the Sith where Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Bail Organa plot a way to fight back against Emperor Palpatine and his formidable army.

In the D23 trailer, it shows the Resistance’s ships in the sky seemingly preparing to take on the enemy. And alongside the Millenium Falcon there’s what appears to be Tantive IV in something that will no doubt delight fans of the first Star Wars trilogy.

6 So Are Imperial Star Destroyers

We know that Palpatine is back to cause chaos for our heroes in The Rise of Skywalker. And it appears the biggest bad guy in Star Wars isn’t going to come back empty-handed, with the D23 trailer appearing to confirm the return of Imperial Star Destroyers in one of its most exciting images.

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Hundreds of the vehicles can be seen in the sky while an ominous bolt of lightning flashes across it. While the First Order possessed Star Destroyers in The Last Jedi they differed in design and it looks as if the ships from the original trilogy are about to make a return.

5 Rey Has Learned New Things

Rey Red Sash

The first teaser trailer for the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker showed that Rey was even stronger with the force than when we’d last seen her during 2017’s The Last Jedi. That footage displayed her somersaulting over what appears to be Kylo Ren’s vehicle and it appears that her talents will not just extend to some fantastic gymnastics.

Instead, it looks as if Rey has learned the art of throwing her lightsaber and allowing it to return to her. This leads us to think that Daisy Ridley’s character is going to do some spectacular stuff when the blockbuster releases later this year.

4 The Death Star Will Host A Spectacular Fight

Star Wars 9 Rey Kylo Death Star 2 Fight

The last time we saw the second Death Star it was shattered into a billion pieces when Lando Calrissian succeeds at blowing it up in 1983’s Return of the Jedi. However, it seems as if the iconic setting is about to make a spectacular return and play host to one of the biggest lightsaber duels of the entire franchise.

The D23 footage shows Rey and Kylo seemingly fighting on its ruins, engaging each other in combat with aggression that was certainly lacking from their showdown in The Force Awakens. The Death Star was also glimpsed in the first teaser trailer for the movie and it appears the Skywalker saga will be ending where it started all those years ago.

3 Darth Vader Remains Involved

We’re not saying that just because Palpatine, Imperial Star Destroyers and the Death Star will all be involved in The Rise of Skywalker that the iconic Darth Vader, who bit the dust in Return of the Jedi, will be making a return either. But director JJ Abrams is seemingly willing to throw in as many Darth Vader references as possible.

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Vader’s breathing can be heard in the background of the D23 footage, particularly at the very end. It’s unmistakably him and, given Kylo Ren is set to talk to his grandfather’s old mask again, we can expect the Sith Lord to be given plenty of attention.

2 Rey’s Clone Theory May Be Confirmed

Star Wars 9 Dark Side Rey

Much has been made of the scene showing Rey with a Sith red lightsaber wearing a hooded cloak, looking every bit as if she’s about to undergo a dramatic transformation and choose the dark side over her friends. However, what if Rey’s clone theory may have been confirmed?

For a long time now, fans have pondered about the origins of the former Jakku scavenger. And one of the most popular lines of thought is that she’s a clone, somebody Palpatine made to serve under him when the time was right. What if dark Rey is actually a different version of Daisy Ridley’s character entirely? What if she’s somebody who will hinder, rather than help, the Resistance in their fight against evil.

1 John Williams Remains King

John Williams soundtrack collection

We’re not saying we didn’t like the music in either Rogue One or Solo: A Star Wars Story. It was perfectly good but, when it comes to producing scores for Star Wars, then John Williams is the absolute king at it.

Williams’ brother, Don, recently claimed that he had recorded over 135 minutes’ worth of music for the final chapter of the Skywalker saga. He also claimed the movie will contain every theme ever heard but the score for the D23 trailer was something new. It’s heavy and exciting tone suggests this may even be the biggest Star Wars movie to date and we can’t wait to hear much more when the film releases in December.

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