James Franco To Star In 'Rise Of The Apes'

2oth Century Fox's new installment of the Planet of The Apes franchise - which is being directed by Rupert Wyatt - is moving ahead at full steam. The film,  Rise of the Apes,  has now snagged a lead: Spider-Man star James Franco.

The Rise of The Apes role comes in addition to the various other projects that Franco has lined up in recent months.

Rise of the Apes is set in modern day (or at the very least, the near future) and it shows how the apes came to dominate the planet as seen in the original 1968 film and its sequels (we'll forget the remake).  Franco will play the scientist who is working on a cure for Alzheimers with a test monkey named Caesar (one of the previous titles of the film). The primate begins to develop at a rapid pace and it soon leads a revolt against the humans - leading to a Planet of the Apes.

planet of the apes prequel

Apes has been quietly developed at Fox for the last few years, but the company only recently officially announced the project along with a director and a release date of June 24th, 2011. While the film isn't expected to be  a special effects extravaganza, it will feature apes by Peter Jackson's  Weta Digital special effects house.

Recently Franco has been signing on to a wide range of projects in multiple genres, including TV soap General Hospital; R-rated comedy Ricky Stanicky; romantic drama Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts and 127 Hours for director Danny Boyle.

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Source: Heat Vision

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