RIP Steve Irwin/Crocodile Hunter

Steve Irwin, known as "The Crocodile Hunter", has died.

Steve was killed by a stingray stab to the chest yesterday, September 3rd, while filming a scene for a new documentary.

The way he died ended up being more of a freak accident than what one would expect as the way he would go. From what I've read, attacks by stingrays are extremely rare, plus Irwin could have survived a stab by the tail of one of those things but it happened to nail him square in the chest, right through the heart.

After all the much riskier stuff he's done this was really an ironic way to die... he was only 44 years old and he left behind his wife and two young children.

Sad... whether you think he was annoying or not, the guy had a real zest for life and an incredibly positive attitude. My prayers go out to his family.

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