New ‘Ringer’ Trailer & Images Reintroduce Us to Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michell Gellar Ringer pilot promo CW

As television viewers wait in anticipation for their favorite shows to return, and new programs to begin, The CW is ramping up expectations for what will arguably be the biggest debut on their network this fall – the return of Sarah Michelle Gellar in Ringer.

First, there is the eerie and effective photo that not only teases a double dose of Gellar, but also hints at the premise of the show – a drug-addled woman (Bridget) on the run from the mob takes over the identity of her recently deceased twin (Siobhan), only to find out the seemingly idyllic life of her sibling is even more dangerous than her own.

Ringer also stars Ioan Gruffudd (The Fantastic Four) as Andrew, Siobhan’s seemingly unassuming husband, Kris Polaha (Mad Men, Dollhouse) as Henry, the husband of Siobhan’s best friend, and Nestor Carbonell (Lost, The Dark Knight) as Agent Victor Machado.

Check out the trailer below:

Beyond the trailer, and the glimpse of the two Gellars, CW has also released two clips that effectively flesh out the relationship between the siblings and the mystery that surrounds them both.

In viewing them, it’s clear the network is keen to market the new program – inherited from CBS when the network passed on the pilot – by focusing on the former Buffy Summers’ simultaneous return to television and The CW (though it was The WB back then).

Take a look at the two clips of Ringer:



Much has been made of Gellar playing opposite herself, as seen in the first clip ‘Mirrors’ – a tactic that often relies on some clunky split-screen shots or a series of well timed edits. Thankfully, because Ringer won’t be able to pull off the same stunning believability of Armie Hammer as the Winkelvi in The Social Network, Gellar will mostly be appearing as Bridget on screen – Siobhan will only be seen in flashback.

Sarah Michell Gellar Ioan Gruffudd Ringer CW

Beyond the flashy dual role for Gellar, Ringer looks as though it could be a satisfying noir thriller that has plenty of mystery to explore. The biggest hurdle for the fledgling program may be in striking the proper balance between melodrama and intrigue. While it is understandable that the two clips don’t want to give away too much, they do seem to skew quite heavily toward a more overwrought, angsty performance - one that may wear thin with viewers. With luck, the quick edits seen in the trailer will play into a more evenhanded and exciting program.

Given that The CW is the one-time home of Gellar, and Ringer’s pilot was written by long-time Supernatural writers Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder, it’s probably no surprise the show ended up there - as opposed to CBS.

Frankly, it may prove to be the most suitable home for the show. The CW boasts a more female-friendly line-up than CBS – with their multitude of action-oriented cop shows like NCIS, CSI and Hawaii Five-0 – that will likely give Ringer the kind of lead-in audience it will take to succeed. Additionally, because it is now on a smaller network, the expectations for Ringer will likely be more modest – a fact that could allow the show more time to develop into the hit The CW is hoping for.

Ringer will air Tuesday nights @8 pm on The CW this fall.

Source: Zap2It, Entertainment Weekly

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