Mad Max: Fury Road’s Riley Keough Up For Playing Poison Ivy

Riley Keough Poison Ivy

Another day, another star informally tosses their hat in the ring to play a comic book character; this time it's Mad Max: Fury Road and Logan Lucky actor Riley Keough as Poison Ivy. The Batman villain hasn't had a big screen appearance since Uma Thurman's campy turn as Pamela Ivy in the Joel Schumacher directed Batman & Robin. Even without the stigma still attached to that film, it would be quite some time before the plant-controlling baddie would even have a chance to appear in a film, as Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy wasn't interested in super-powered characters, much less those with shocks of bright red hair and green skin.

But as it turns out, Ivy would see live-action again, though this time in FOX's equally campy Gotham – which asks the not-at-all serious question: when will someone have a somber take on the character that's ready for her time in the spotlight? For its part, Gotham has tried to reel in its interpretation, transforming Ivy for the third time in four seasons, with the latest iteration being played by Mad Men and Frequency's Peyton List.

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There is still the chance she'll be seen in the (supposedly) upcoming Gotham City Sirens opposite Harley Quinn and Catwoman, which will likely present the best opportunity for Ivy to crossover into mainstream status. Questions still remain as to which Harley Quinn-based film Warner Bros. wants to make first, and whether or not the studio remains committed to bringing Sirens to fruition, but that hasn't stopped fans from suggesting their picks for who should play who, and, in the case of Keough, from the actors in question responding. For her part, Keough was picking sides on Twitter when someone suggested her for the part of either Batgirl or Poison Ivy, to which she opted for the latter.

I love poison ivy she's my favorite

— Riley Keough (@RileyKeough) December 27, 2017

Aside from her Twitter-level interest (which, to be fair was just her saying Poison Ivy was her favorite), Keough makes for a strong choice for the part. A talented performer, she's also a favorite of Steven Soderbergh, who has worked with her on films like the aforementioned Logan Lucky, as well as Magic Mike, and the Starz television series The Girlfriend Experience. You'll also recognize Keough if you caught this year's It Comes at Night or 2016's American Honey.

Keough's body of work suggests she'd be more than capable of bringing Poison Ivy to life, and affording the character an onscreen incarnation fans want to see more of. For now, though, this one will go down as yet another case of Twitter bringing fans and actors together to encourage a little fan casting.

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