Ridley Scott Re-Infects The Andromeda Strain

Ridley Scott & Tony Scott are getting together to do a remake of the movie The Andromeda Strain, based on the Michael Chrichton novel from way back when.

Sorry folks, but it's not a theaterical release: It will be a 4 hour miniseries for the cable network A&E. Tom and Ridley are not involved in directing, but are co-producing.

Here's a summary of the story from VFX World:

A deadly bacteria -- code-named The Andromeda Strain -- is let loose after a U.S. government satellite crash-lands in Arizona. The bacteria unleash a lethal plague that wipes out an entire town, leaving only two survivors - an old man and an infant. They must provide clues to immunizing the population. As the military tries to contain the spreading disaster, only a hastily assembled team of scientists can hope to find a cure and stop the Andromeda Strain from spreading.

I first saw the original film a loooong time ago and it blew me away. I was pretty young at the time and thought the story, suspense and sci-fi aspect were fantastic. I'm curious to see how A&E does with it.

Source: VFX World

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