Ridley Scott in Talks to Direct Queen & Country Comic Book Movie

Ridley Scott is in talks to adapt the Queen and Country comic books for 20th Century Fox. The project is based on Greg Rucka's graphic novel series of the same name, which was published from 2001-2007. Rucka also wrote a previous script draft for the film adaptation, as did such writers as Ryan J. Condal (Colony) and Olivia Milch (Ocean's 8). Should Scott sign on, a new writer will presumably be hired to pen a fresh screenplay.

The Queen and Country comics revolve around Tara Chace, the top agent of a fictional British secret intelligence service. Everything changes for Chase when her identity is compromised after an attack in London, drawing her into a dangerous cat and mouse game with an international terrorist. Ellen Page was attached to star in Queen and Country with Craig Viveiros (Ghosted) directing back in 2013, but that version of the project never made it beyond pre-production. There's since been little to no progress to report on the film - until now.

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The Wrap is reporting that Scott has entered talks to direct Queen and Country for Fox. Scott would also produce the film alongside Chernin Entertainment, in addition to directing. It's been recently reported that Scott is also in talks to direct an adaptation of The Merlin Saga for Disney. Given how quickly Scott moves from film to film, it's not difficult to imagine him signing on for both projects and shooting them in rapid succession within the next year.

Katherine Waterston and Ridley Scott on Alien Covenant set
Ridley Scott and Katherine Waterston on the Alien: Covenant set

Secret agent thrillers like Queen and Country are fashionable as ever in Hollywood at the moment. Last year saw the release of both Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Atomic Blonde, while Red Sparrow only opened two weeks ago. The spy genre is one that Scott hasn't tried his hand at either (unless you count Body of Lies), so that might explain his interest in Queen and Country. Scott is also known for making genre movies that feature female protagonists, ranging from 1997's G.I. Jane to last year's Alien: Covenant. That may further account for what drew him to Fox's slow developing graphic novel adaptation.

Scott has steered clear of superheroes and comic book movies in the past, but Queen and Country is a different sort of beast altogether. It also deals with subject matter that should play to the filmmaker's strengths, in addition to offering a meaty female action hero role. Page is presumably no longer attached to play Tara Chase - given how much time has passed - but her previously-voiced hopes for a Kitty Pryde solo film might yet come true in the foreseeable future.

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It's not clear how soon Queen and Country would be ready to go into production, should Scott sign on. The filmmaker has begun assembling his Merlin Saga production crew already, suggesting that will be his next movie. As mentioned earlier though, Scott prefers to keep busy and could set to work shooting Queen and Country shortly after Merlin Saga wraps. We will bring you more information on that front when we have it.

Source: The Wrap

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