Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus' Will Feature Space Jockey From 'Alien'

Ridley Scott Prometheus Alien spinoff

Ridley Scott's return to sci-fi lore gradually morphed over time from a two-movie prequel to Alien, into a spin-off titled Prometheus that contains "strands of Alien's DNA," according to the filmmaker himself.

Michael Fassbender recently lent further credence to that claim, indicating that Scott's upcoming venture takes place within the Alien universe and will retain stylistic hallmarks of the original 1979 release.

It's also long been rumored that the Space Jockey glimpsed briefly in Alien would play a pivotal role in Scott's new film, and now it seems that the creature will indeed be appearing in Prometheus after all. An insider for Sky Movies says that the Jockey will be brought to life as an eight foot tall animatronic, with sculptor/set designer H.R. Giger overseeing its structure.

The website's source went on to briefly mention another one of the strange (and frankly, surreal) creatures that will appear in the film is that of "an enormous semi-human head piloting a spaceship" - although that particular creation is likely to be brought to life via CGI and not practical F/X.

Prior to screenwriter Damon Lindelof's joining the project, Scott implied that his latest sci-fi flick would explore the origins and history of the Space Jockey, so it's not surprising that the creature hasn't been totally excised from Prometheus. As for the enormous human head pilot - in the hands of H.R. Giger, expect something nightmarishly bizarre that harkens more to the aliens in David Lynch's Dune, less like the giant head of Zordon (see below) from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (sadly, that image comes to mind a bit easily).

Zordon from Might Morphin Power Rangers

A number of fans were skeptical about the idea of an Alien prequel from the beginning, but the project is arguably more interesting in its current form. Prometheus could explore the nature and mechanics of its futuristic setting in a manner that none of the previous Alien movies (good and bad) ever really did.

Scott has spoken in the past about touching on matters like terra-forming and the technological requirements of space flight in his new film and that's the kind of fascinating subject matter worth seeing examined with greater depth in any medium. While he was talking that idea up back when the project was still believed to be a straightforward Alien prequel, there's little reason to doubt that Prometheus won't address that same material to some degree.

When Fassbender spoke before about Prometheus, he also indicated that the film would be atmospheric and building an increasing sense of dread, much like Scott's original Alien. The pic will certainly have its share of action, and - with the likes of Swedish actress Noomi Rapace (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) and Oscar-winner Charlize Theron starring as well - potentially some engaging female characters to rival that of Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley even.

Prometheus is slated for release on June 8th, 2012.

Source: Sky Movies HD

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