17 Ridiculous Pokemon Nintendo Has Added Since Generation 1

Pikachu in the Pokemon anime series

What does it mean to be ridiculous? Well, when it comes to Pokemon: a questionably shaped body, a lack of useable abilities, and a name that makes you do a double take. Any combination of these factors and you are henceforth dubbed ridiculous. In the wise words of C+C Factory, we are looking for "Things that make you go hmmm."

While there are a number of Pokemon worth a giggle in the original 151,  the hilarity only escalates as you continue scrolling through the 720 Pokemon that are now recognized on the Pokédex. So, naturally, we felt those deserved a closer look.

Before jumping in, we thought we might wet your whistle with a couple of recognizable faces from Gen 1; some honourable mentions, if you will. If anyone knows a thing or two about wetting things it's Lickitung (#108). This little pink turtle has a tail instead of a shell and a tongue the size of its entire body. It licks EVERYTHING because that is how it takes in new information. Once evolved into Lickilicky (#463) the Pokemon has gained powers, but not a better sense of personal boundaries, as all of its moves still stem from licking and drooling on people.

If all this talk of licking hasn't opened your appetite for ridiculous Pokemon, then mayhaps you will remember Exeggcute (#102). This cluster of a half dozen eggs is actually one singular Pokemon who become(s) progressively more cracked as they(it?) approach evolution. When Exeggcute finally does evolve, they somehow have transformed from eggs into a coconut palm tree. Exeggutor's (#103) heads grow larger from exposure to the sun until they fall off, at which point they cluster together once again forming Exeggcute. Which makes this evolutionary duo a direct circle of life. Mufassa would be so proud! #daddylessons

With those classics out of the way, let's take a look at 17 Ridiculous Pokemon Nintendo Has Added Since Generation 1.

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17 Cottonee (#546)

Cottonee Pokemon

Cottonee lives up to its namesake. This Grass/Fairy combo type Pokemon is either based on a cotton ball or a sheep's bodiless head. But how does a cotton ball move from point A to B you ask? Good question. By floating of course! Much like a cotton ball/cloud/fluff Cottonee happily floats through the world on the wind's current. Rain is not this little fluffy ball's friend as it weighs down the Pokemon, who must then spend a time out drying in a tree before it can continue on it's floatastic journey. Rain is not this Pokemon's only foe, although Cottonee might look fierce (I know, cotton balls make a horrible sound, so you are probably anticipating fierce battle moves) it is weak to Steel, Flying, Poison, Ice and Fire-type Pokemon, making it an easy target. In retaliation, Cottonee, in all its fierceness, shoots out balls of cotton at its opponents... which mostly serves as a distraction.

When exposed to a sun stone, Cottonee evolves into Whimsicott, but don't worry, in evolution Whimsicott still manages to keep all the same weaknesses as Cottonee. This Pokemon is a prankster by nature and can fit through the tiniest of cracks, leaving only tufts of cotton trailing behind as clues to its presence. No wonder I have so many dust bunnies at home... I must just have a tricky little Whimsicott running around!

16 Klink (#599)

Klink In Pokemon

Now brace yourselves, because we are about to swing into high gear! Klink is no fluffy ball floating on the wind, no sir! Klink is a copper cave dwelling dynamic duo. These two small gears are fated to find one another, and bounce around unsuccessfully until they find their life partner and latch onto each other with a soft clink! At which point they continuously and harmoniously spin to remain alive.

By level 38 things really switch gears (which is an attack) when Klink evolves into Klank (#600). Klank has not only increased in size, but also gained a second facial expression on its new, larger gear. These Pokemon communicate by spinning in different directions, and when they are angry they spin very quickly, allowing them to launch the small gear off as an attack. However, if the small gear does not boomerang its way back, the Pokemon will die, because it has essentially dismembered itself to attack an opponent. I hope it was worth it, Klank... I hope it was worth it.

Finally at level 49 Klank makes the last evolutionary jump, becoming Klinklang (#601). You know what really grinds my gears (which is also an attack) is that people assume that because Klinklang is a big hunk of metal that he is a big tough guy, but he is actually rather sensitive, and easily moved to tears. Has the Tin Man taught us nothing?

15 Spoink (#325)


Klink/Klank/Klinklang aren't the only Pokemon who need to constantly move to stay alive - named after the sound that a spring/pig combo would make, Spoink is also the physical embodiment of a spring/pig combo. Spoink bounces around all the time, because that is how its heart pumps. If the bouncing stops, so does Spoink's heart - kind of like a life-long version of the movie Speed ("Don't stop the bus/bounce!")

But that's not all this Psychic Pokemon has to worry about. Spoink also keeps one of Clamperl's (#366) pink pearls balanced on top of its head, which is used to amplify its psychokinetic powers. So, while bouncing and balancing a ball on its head, Spoink is also always looking around for a larger pearl, sometimes confusing other round objects for pearls.

In time, Spoink evolves into Grumpig (#326) who has gained a pair of legs to replace its spring bottom. Grumpig has also ditched the elusive pink pearl and gained smaller black pearls that are attached to its body, but still used to amplify its powers. When Grumpig attacks using the pearls his breath becomes laboured, as if jumping for the entire first half of his life wasn't enough cardio to prepare him for this exertion. The dance he performs while using his powers is very popular. However, the black pearls themselves are valuable as art, which makes Grumpig prey to poachers. This pig/spring just can't catch a break (or it's breath)!

14 Whismur (#293)

Whismur Pokemon Anime

Speaking of catching your breath - Whismur is named for its timid nature, as it generally whispers so softly that you can't hear it unless you listen very closely. As anyone who is shy knows, though you may generally keep to yourself, all those emotions need an outlet. Whismur's outlet is to yell at incredible volumes. So loudly in fact, that it often surprises itself, and begins to yell even more loudly, and without breaks (as it conveniently intakes air from its ears) until it finally falls asleep from exhaustion.

While Whismur rather resembles an amplifier with his plug shaped eyes and wide range in volume, its next evolution Loudred (#294) is more of a boombox. Like any 90's teen blasting music loudly to express their emotions, Loudred uses its strong stomach muscle to suck in air and bellow out its cries. Its voice is so strong that it can tip over trucks and even splinter wooden houses. But like any 90's teen listening to loud music, Loudred is temporarily deafened by the volume of its own voice.

By the final evolution, the whole world should be dreading the volume, because Exploud (#295) is a literal explosion of sound, with volumes so powerful that they can be heard up to six miles away, and even start earthquakes! Thankfully by this stage the Pokemon has learned to control it's own bellowing vocal chords, and much like a pipe organ with great sound capabilities, it is able to whistle calmly to communicate without attacking.

13 Stantler (#234)

Stantler Pokemon

Another Pokemon that is prey to poachers is Stantler, who is aptly named for its impressive antlers which are sold as art. Sadly, this Pokemon has been hunted near to extinction. What is curious about Stantler, who at first glance seems a majestic beast, is the giant bubble that is protruding from its posterior. While this booteus maximus is, in fact, a tail, it doesn't look like one, and the alternative is so much more entertaining. This Pokemon never evolves, leaving it with this badonkadonk for its entire life.

In most pictures Stantler is depicted with a particular look on its face (think "smize"). Maybe this is making up for a self conciousness in regards to its bubble butt, but is more likely because Stantler knows how to work what his mama gave him and feels pretty epic with his giant antlers and sweet Kim K derriere. Maybe this apple-bottomed deer knows he's a hot shot, and is looking to get noticed for a music video. Surely Nicki Minaj would have a perfect part for him.

12 Munna (#517)


Munna, a Psychic type Pokemon, bears resemblance to a child's piggy bank (Munna... money... get it?), but is actually something quite a bit more unsettling. This little pink ball with legs floats around eating peoples' and Pokemons' dreams alike. Perhaps it would be enjoyable to have a small creature eat away the nightmare you're having, but Munna also eats good dreams. When Munna eats a pleasant dream it expels a pink coloured mist, through the dark circle on its snout, a product of digestion if you will. In evolution Munna becomes Musharna (#518), has gained an extra eyelash, and continues to eat dreams. As Musharna the Pokemon now has a chimney of coloured mist constantly coming out of its head which changes colour based on the 'flavour' (or degree of pleasantness) of dream it has just eaten. Once a dream has been eaten, the dreamer will not remember its contents. How is anyone supposed to know what their subconscious feelings are when there is a Munna around? Honestly, the whole process sounds rather invasive.

11 Litwick (#607)


Are you frightened, in a dark, haunted place? Don't fear, Litwick is here! This little Ghost/Fire-type Pokemon has a purple flame and will guide the way for you. Only, PSYCH! He is not actually guiding you through the darkness, this candle ghost is a player, and it is guiding you to the ghost world! "But what about that comforting purple flame?" you ask - that flame is powered by sucking out the souls of humans and Pokemon alike!

Even once Litwick evolves into Lampent (#608), it has not changed its ghostly ways. Lampent can sense when someone is close to death and will float over to them to steal their soul. They will often loiter around hospitals where souls are ripe for the picking (rude).

Exposure to a Dusk Stone and presto: the final evolution into Chandelure (#609) and, you guessed it - still a creepy ghost lamp. This levitating Chandelure lures (get it) people in with a pretty flame dance (which Litwick envies, btw). Once its audience is hypnotized... BOOM. Spirit eaten. Body empty.

It is said that from grief of losing a close friend, Chandelure started collecting shiny things, and that it is quite single-minded. Not single-minded enough to distract it from eating your soul, though - so steer clear.

10 Bronzor (#436)

Bronzor Pokemon

Bronzor is a genderless bronze mirror. It can turn around in any direction from the front and remain as reflective; only from the back does it not retain the same reflectiveness. This is a Steel/Psychic-type Pokemon who is heatproof and can levitate (thankfully, as it has no limbs).

In evolution Bonzor becomes Bronzong (#437) who is now a 'bronze-gong' or bell. The first known Bronzong was dug up on a construction site, and they are know as bringers of rain and revered by farmers. This bell has a funny little smooched face with red eyes that are at the same level as its mouth with three little visible teeth. Although it looks like a silly face, it is said the Pokemon is proud of its body pattern, so don't worry about Bronzong.

Bronzor and Bronzong have a kind of neat history behind their original design, stemming from a Japanese myth about a bronze bell that was made from melted mirrors. The trouble with these two, as well as Litwick and co., is you wonder what they were thinking over at Pokemon headquarters making so many Pokemon out of objects. Klefki (keychain), Vanillite (ice cream cone), Trubbish (garbage bag)... how did it come to this?

9 Chingling (#433)


If Bronzong didn't ring your bell, then wait until you hear about Chingling. Chingling, like all baby Pokemon, is adorable. He is also recorded as the lightest baby Poke of all time (d'aww!). We are looking at a jingle bell, who hops around making jingle bell sounds from the orb at the back of its mouth. Gather up a sleigh, a couple of Stantlers and some Chinglings and you've got yourself a sleigh!

Once evolved into Chimecho (#434) this little bell has gone from jingle to full wind chime (fierce). With a tail that it uses to collect and eat berries, and a suction cup on its head to hang from trees, this Pokemon floats around on the wind in the grasslands. When it is very windy out, the Chimecho suctions itself to a tree and screams.

8 Azurill (#298)


Azurill is also an adorable baby Pokemon. However, the tip of its tail is as big as its body which makes walking normally impossible. As a result, it moves around in life by using its abnormally large tail to propel itself forward. Azurill achieves this by twirling its tail like a lasso and throwing it forward so that its body is also yanked through the air by the inertia of it all. One Azurill hurled itself a record breaking 33 feet in this manner. Of course this giant tail pom pom serves a purpose - when it comes to Pokemon, even the most ridiculous attribute serve a purpose. The ball is filled with nutrients that the Pokemon survives on. It is also a floatation device, keeping the little mouse safe in its life by the water. It is also, most importantly, a fun bouncy rubber ball that the Pokemon plays on.

As Azurill evolves into Marill (#183) and then Azumarill (#184), its body starts to make more sense (ie his body is larger than his tail lump) and mobility becomes less of an issue. Its category doesn't disappoint as Azurill is classified as "polka dot" and is only 8 inches tall (how cute!).

7 Drifloon (#425)

Drifloon from Pokemon

It seems that in the Pokemon world, if you are any kind of Ghost-type Pokemon, anything goes. Case and point: Drifloon, a Ghost/Flying combo Pokemon. It has stringy little arms with heart shaped hands and a cloud hat that actually looks kind of like a speech bubble. Incidentally Drifloon does not speak, it shrinks and expands to express itself. While a drifting balloon sounds harmless, when children mistake it for a regular old non-Pokemon balloon, it tries to DRAG THEM TO THE UNDERWORLD. Thankfully, Drifloon is not very strong, and the children can generally overpower it. Drifloon is created by lost spirits of Pokemon and people. People now think of a wandering Drifloon as a signpost for lost spirits... which doesn't really make sense since Drifloon is a lost spirit itself, and not a very nice one at that, since it tries to steal your children...

When Drifloon evolves it becomes Drifblim (#426) who is a large balloon (drift blimp = hot air balloon) and is actually strong enough to pick people and Pokemon up. It cannot, however, control where it flies, as it is still a drifter, it can only control the altitude at which it floats. Drifblims fly together in groups in the evening, but thankfully there is no longer talk of them dragging unsuspecting children down to hell. Phew!

6 Yamask (# 562)


Yamask is another Ghost-type Pokemon, a shadowy, chameleon-looking figure holding a mask that represents its former human life. The Yamask is nostalgic and sometimes looks at its own mask and cries. If someone wears the mask they will become possessed by the Yamask.

After evolution we find Cofagrigus (#563), who is a golden haunted sarcophagus with shadowy arms and a malicious nature. Grave robbers who go after Cogagrigus for its gold are eaten and turned into mummies. This Pokemon also enjoys eating gold nuggets, so if you are lost in a cave and come across an old golden coffin, make like a tree and leave. Toss your valuables at the coffin and run for your life. Don't be greedy, or it will eat you.

These Pokemon sound absolutely terrifying in nature, but their designs do not live up to their personalities. I suppose since a chameleon changes colours that it can be argued a Pokemon who possesses people has some chameleon-like abilities, fine. But Cofagrigus, who sounds absolutely haunting, has four silly arms that really take away from of its street cred.

5 Purugly (#432)


Purugly is unique on this list as the only Pokemon who started off making sense, and become ridiculous in evolution. Originally Glameow (#431), a glamorous (meow) cat sporting a fur turtle neck with delicate features, beautiful blue eyes and a spiral ribbon-like tail, the Pokemon becomes Purugly: a rotund (plump) cat with frazzled whiskers and a forked tail. Purugly, which broken down could mean Purr (a cat sound) combined with ugly, but could also be "pure ugly," because that is what this Pokemon is. The only cat you will ever meet who wears a corset, Purugly uses its forked tail to cinch its own waist to try and look more intimidating. This Pokemon is also a huge bully, barging into other Pokemons' nests and frightening them out so it can claim the nest as its own. If a Purugly seems sluggish, don't be fooled, this overweight tabby may prefer to be passively intimidating, but Purugly's still got some speed if provoked to attack.

4 Foongus (#590)

Foongus and Amoongus Pokemon

Foongus is a mushroom that looks like a pokéball. It uses this pokéball appearance to lure in Pokemon and people into grassy areas. Once people are lured over, Foongus then bombs them with poisonous gas, knocking them out! To what purpose Foongus chooses to perform this exercise is unclear, as he is a mushroom, and doesn't eat other Pokemon. To move around, it either hops, or turns on its side and rolls around on its cap, which probably just sends him spinning in circles.

Once evolved, Amoongus (#591) is a surly, monstrous humungous fungus who actually DOES eat Pokemon (what?). It has maintained the pokéball design and continues to use this look as a lure, which works mediocrely at best. He is a trickster and a brute, and always tries to surprise people - perhaps a metaphor for children to be wary of unknown mushrooms in the wild.

3 Cherubi (#420)

Cherubi Pokemon

Cherubi is described as a small 'cherry-like' Pokemon, even though it is, straight up, a cherry with legs and a face. Cherubi also has a second, smaller head. This second head is not just a cute accessory, it is actually Cherubi's main source of nutrients. As Cherubi nears evolution the second head will bloom and eventually wilt right before the evolution takes place. The second head is not only nutritious for Cherubi, it is also sweet, and other Pokemon often try to eat it... why the Poké-people felt they had to give this second head (whose only purpose is to be food) a FACE eludes me.

Once Cherubi evolves into Cherrim (#421) it fluctuates between two appearances. In overcast weather Cherrim is a dark purple bud who is very calm. In bright sunlight Cherrim opens up its petals to full bloom and is very excited and energetic, trying to make up for lost time as a lazy bud.

2 Cryogonal (#615)


This shiny blue hexagonal snowflake has an expression frozen in time. If ever you feel like you just can't seem to shake that frown, remember Cryogonal, who literally cannot change its scowl. Thankfully for this surly snowflake, it does have a way of letting off steam, because hidden away in its frown is an ice chain that it uses to trap prey that it then freezes to death.

Born out of a snow cloud, Cryogonal requires a chilly basal body temperature to keep its hexagonal form in tip top shape. In fact, when Cryogonal really starts to pick up steam and becomes too upset, his body heat rises (causing him to steam). Sometimes, if he cannot get his emotions in check, he will steam until he vanishes. But once his body temperature lowers again he will be reformed, back to normal, good as new, (not) full steam ahead into battle!

1 Cubchoo (#613)

Cubchoo and Beartic

At a first glance this Pokemon is very cute, until you ask yourself: "But what's that droopy blue blob?" Well, it turns out that droopy blue blob is exactly what you think it is: snot. Cubchoo (which, broken down, literally means that he is a baby bear sneezing) uses its permanent dribble of snot as the raw material for its moves. This hanging blue mucus is also indicative of its health. The stickier the snot, the healthier the bear and the more his icy snot moves increase in strength.

Thankfully Cubchoo evolves into Beartic (#614) which redeems the Pokemon. This large 8'06" polar bear-looking beast is basically an ice dragon. It uses its icy cold breath to freeze over bodies of water to create paths, or to make icicle fangs and claws that can be used for fighting. As Beartic, his nose has stopped dripping, and while his powers still come from the general nose/mouth area, they are considerably less sticky.

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