Ride Along 3 Updates: Will The Sequel Happen?

The first two entries went far on the comic chemistry between its lead actors but is Ride Along 3 going to happen? The first Ride Along was a breakthrough movie for comedian Kevin Hart (Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle), who plays a man attempting to bond with his future brother-in-law, a cop played by Ice Cube, by going on a ride along to show how tough he is. Needless to say, comic hijinks quickly ensue.

Ride Along was a buddy cop movie very much in the mold of Lethal Weapon or Rush Hour and while it received mixed reviews, Cube and Hart made for a fun pairing. The movie was also a surprise hit, grossing over $150 million worldwide on a modest budget. Those are the kinds of numbers that lead to a sequel and Ride Along 2 soon followed in 2016. While the sequel was mostly panned by critics and grossed less than the original, it was still a profitable venture for the studio.

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It appears the franchise will never be a critical favorite but audiences definitely appear to enjoy them, so will is Ride Along 3 going to happen?

Tim Story Confirmed Ride Along 3 Is Being Developed

Director Tim Story (2005's Fantastic Four) confirmed Ride Along 3 was in development in late 2016, though little has been heard about the next movie since then. While Ride Along 2 may have cost more to make and grossed less it was still a solid hit. Comedy sequels are historically considered weaker than the original - from Rush Hour 2 to Anchorman: The Legend Continues - but with the Ride Along franchise considered a low risk, high reward investment for all involved, a third entry makes sense.

Ride Along 3 Doesn't Have A Release Date

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It's been nearly 3 years since Ride Along 3 was confirmed and there's still no sign of when it will actually start filming. Producer Will Packer confirmed in a Metro interview the third chapter may not happen for some time to come since both of the lead stars have busy schedules. Hart has the next Jumanji sequel coming up while Cube is working on Last Friday.

Ride Along 3 Could Head Overseas

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No story details have been revealed for Ride Along 3 yet, but in the tradition of the franchise's formula, it will inevitably involve Hart tagging along with Cube on another ride along for more misadventures. Tim Story has stated he wants to see the duo head to another country next time and put them completely out of their element.

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