'Let Me In' Viral Campaign Intrigues with Riddles & Images

Let Me In viral website

The viral campaign for Matt Reeves' Let Me In has kicked into gear. While these marketing strategies don't necessarily help the box office, this should increase the buzz for a film that will need everybody in its corner.

Initial concerns were voiced when it was announced that Matt Reeves would direct an American remake of the Swedish sensation Let The Right One In. Everything we've heard and seen so far suggests he has done a pretty good job. As is customary these days with films for the younger crowd, a viral campaign has given the audience a chance to interact with the film they are anticipating.

The viral site, Help Me, now presents four complicated riddles. When you solve them all, a batch of images from the film becomes available for download.

In case you want a head start on the riddles, we'll give them to you below as well as the images. The answers, though, are for you to decipher.

A rectangle, circle, or maybe a squareI am the link 'tween what's here and what's there.When I'm doing my job, I am hard to get by,If there's no way around me, the key is to try.

I make you tremble, or quiver or shakeI'm the shadow behind you, the jump you won't makeWhen gentle, I play on your neck - like a breezeBut if I play rough - I can buckle your knees.

Twelve thousand miles will I voyage today,but despite all my travels, I've not been awayIt wouldn't alarm you if I hummed in your earsbut the sight of me running can ignite all your fears.

See me once in a decade, live a whole world apartStill there's nothing that's closer - I live in your heart.More valued than rubies or diamonds or gold,No investments my equal - can't be bought, can't be sold.

On a side note, all I can think about with this viral site is how perfect it would be for The Riddler. If The Riddler is the villain in Batman 3, a viral campaign like this might just top the fantastic one from The Dark Knight. Imagine multiple websites interconnected by riddles that lead you to a sadistic, yet genius villain.

As for the Let Me In images that you can access at the website, they present some familiar and unfamiliar moments from the trailers. The first still is from a stunning scene shown at Comic-Con where Richard Jenkins' character attempts to kidnap and murder an innocent teenager.

The other images are self-explanatory, with the second one lifted almost directly from the original Let The Right One In. Overall, the film looks to share a lot of visual components of the Swedish film, while more closely following the novel's narrative.

Richard Jenkins Let Me In trash bag image
Richard Jenkins blood drain Let Me In image
Chloe Moretz Let Me In screaming image
Kodi Smit-McPhee Let Me In knife image
Richard Jenkins Let Me In image

The images are pretty intense and continue to show promise for a visually engaging film. What do you think about the potential of Let Me In?

Let Me In hits theaters October 8th, 2010.

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