'Riddick' International Trailer and Poster: Vin Diesel Rules the Dark


Chronicles of Riddick ended with the Furyan warrior Richard B. Riddick having been accepted as the new leader of the Necromongers. Things apparently didn't work out, and the anti-hero with night vision (once again played by Vin Diesel) has since been left for dead on a sun-scorched and seemingly barren planet, with only an emergency beacon to signal for help.

Problem is, "help" arrives in the forms of several mercenaries and bounty hunters, who intend to collect Diesel's head as a trophy for their efforts. However, it turns out the planet isn't so lifeless after all, and soon the deadly killers must take drastic measures - in order to stay alive while battling dangerous extraterrestrial monsters - by forming an alliance with the man they call Riddick.

The new Riddick international preview is leaner than its U.S. counterpart trailer, yet manages to cover as much plot setup material and offers a better taste of the film's harsher tone, more brutal fighting sequences and the general adults-only content (see: the gruesome human deaths and naked Katee Sackhoff).

Check out the Riddick 2013 Comic-Con poster, which Diesel unveiled ahead of time on Facebook:


By all accounts, this movie is writer-director David Twohy's attempt to create more of a true sci-fi survival thriller - in the vein of the filmmaker's original Riddick installment Pitch Black - and move away from the expanded (re: bigger-budgeted) mythos he established in Chronicles of Riddick. That's partially because this movie had a harder time getting funded (after Chronicles under-performed at the box office), but many fans would agree: it's probably for the best, anyway.


The Riddick cast includes Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy), Bokeem Woodbine (Total Recall), Nolan Gerard Funk (House at the End of the Street) and Jordi Mollà (Colombiana). Meanwhile, Karl Urban is reported to be reprising as Vaako from Chronicles of Riddick, but he hasn't been prominently featured in the marketing so far.


Look for Riddick in regular and select IMAX theaters on September 6th, 2013.

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