5 Movie Monsters We Want To See Riddick Fight

Riddick Movie Monster Fight Predator

Seen in: Predator series

Strengths: Advanced technology, active camouflage, mastery of blades and energy weapons; well-versed in all elements of stalking and killing dangerous prey. Heightened endurance, strength and durability.

Weaknesses: Natural infrared vision has been fooled before, camouflaging body heat to become invisible to the Predator.

Since the Yautja - known to humans as 'Predators' - are skilled with every conceivable weapon, masters of all knowledge in hunting the universe's most dangerous creatures, and able to see in the dark, these trained killers are more than a match for Riddick. If Riddick managed to up his game, he might just live; but considering how many average human beings have posed a challenge to Predators in the past, we'd bet the fight would be worth watching whatever the outcome.

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