5 Movie Monsters We Want To See Riddick Fight

Seen in: Tremors series

Strengths: Able to track prey by sound alone, three tongues (each possessing a mouth); spawned Shriekers are gifted pack hunters who track by temperature.

Weaknesses: Lack of vision makes tricking or trapping Graboids possible; Shriekers suffer from a lack of hearing.

As terrifying as the Graboid Shriekers are, we have no doubt that their limited senses would make them easy pickings for Riddick; the fully grown Graboids are another story. Since Riddick usually prefers to let his fists do the talking, he would require a different approach with the massive, prehistoric sandworms. Night vision or no, these creatures are bigger, stronger, and faster than any human - Riddick would need to outsmart, not outhunt them. We never granted the antihero an abundance of brains, but seeing him pull off the feat would be a welcome change.

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