'Riddick' Gets a Final Trailer and Two New International TV Spots

Riddick Vin Diesel Topless

Vin Diesel seems to be going from strength to strength at the moment; he recently starred in the second highest-grossing movie of 2013 so far and is also strongly rumored to be joining James Gunn's upcoming space hero team-up Guardians of the Galaxy as the voice of Groot. The next time we see Diesel on screen will be in the sci-fi action sequel Riddick, in which he returns once again as the anti-hero with excellent night vision.

With the release of Riddick only a couple of weeks away, a final trailer for the movie has been released. It's basically a more family-friendly version of the very gruesome red-band trailer that debuted at Comic-Con and contains spoilers for the deaths of two minor characters, though it's kind of a given that most of the minor characters in Riddick are going to be killed off in gruesome ways.

Latino Review also has two new TV spots for Riddick that show a few intriguing new clips. Though they're obviously shorter, these TV spots are, if anything, a better sell than the final trailer, keeping things simple with a quick succession of action shots and a growling voice-over from Diesel.

As these new videos suggest, the plot of Riddick will in many ways revisit the same grounds as Pitch Black, with Riddick stuck on a sun-scorched planet with a collection of monster-fodder, trying to find some means of escape.

Diesel has said that the next two films in the series (provided they ever get made) will be about Riddick's journey through the Underverse and eventual return to his homeworld of Furya. Though it's officially a sequel, Riddick may well serve as a kind of reboot of the franchise: an opening film with plenty of action, followed by sequels that delve more into the Chronicles of Riddick mythos.

Riddick fans, what keeps you coming back for these movies - the action and gore, or the sci-fi mythos? Or is it Vin Diesel himself?


Riddick is out in theaters on September 6, 2013.

Source: Latino Review

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