Riddick 4 is an R-Rated Origin Story; Shooting in 2017

The first Riddick film, Pitch Black, was a violent and gory tale of stranded shipwreck survivors battling against bloodthirsty mutant creatures. Follow-up Chronicles of Riddick was a more sci-fi-heavy PG-13 film that attempted to expand the mythology of its title character. Fans clamored for a return to the style of the original cult favorite, so third film Riddick pitted Vin Diesel's antihero against bounty hunters and monsters in another R-rated action epic.

Since 2013, Diesel and the trilogy's (co)writer/director David Twohy have been talking about two more sequels in the franchise. Universal got on board for a fourth Riddick film, and last month the star revealed on Instagram that Twohy was ready to start work on the script. While the duo's plans seemed to indicate a return to Furya, Riddick's home world, some new information has put a different spin on the expected plot.

On his Facebook live stream, Diesel revealed Twohy as a surprise guest, there to give a much-requested update on Riddick 4. "D.T.," as he introduced himself, stressed that they were discussing an "origin story." Though Diesel seemed less certain, Twohy assured viewers it will also be another R-rated flick. Diesel followed up with some questions for fans, hoping to generate excitement for the new film.

"Are you guys excited to hear about Furya? Do you want to know where it all started, where it all began, with that dark character Riddick?"

There's a reason why Diesel repeatedly mentions the "darkness" of the character and story in his webcast. He explains that after the recent birth of his daughter Pauline, his third child with model Paloma Jiménez, it will take him awhile to get out of father mode and into the right head space to make the movie. He suggests it will take about 12 months, putting the start of filming Riddick 4 in early 2017. That lengthy delay is also likely due to the slew of other projects Diesel says he has brewing, including sequels for xXx and The Pacifier, as well as Fast & Furious 8 (which begins filming next year).

Vin Diesel as Riddick

The idea of Riddick 4 being a prequel could be disappointing for fans. The original plan for the script indicated Riddick would be returning to Furya, possibly by way of the planet-destroying Necromongers introduced in Chronicles of Riddick. Taking the story back to the beginning leaves the character's future uncertain, and makes the timeline unclear for the proposed fifth film in the series. Another hurdle for a prequel is that Diesel will be pushing 50 by the time filming on Riddick 4 begins.

Considering the lack of finer details given by Diesel and Twohy, it also isn't clear how far they're actually straying from their earlier ideas. The new film could involve a split plot of forward action and flashbacks, or that potential trip through the Underverse might take the character back in time. Even if it is strictly a prequel, the biggest questions about Riddick have always been about his origins and the other people on his home planet--and this could answer those questions as well as a sequel might.

With over a year until filming may begin, the script could also change several times before the final edit. Watch the actor and director on their Facebook video below to get an idea of their process.

Posted by Vin Diesel on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

We’ll keep you updated on Riddick 4 as development continues.

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