'Riddick 3' Secures New Funding, Production to Resume

Vin Diesel's 'Riddick 3' has reportedly secured new funding, which will allow the stalled production on the film to resume this winter.

Riddick 3 secures new funding production resumes

It's been a long road for Vin Diesel's Riddick 3. The third entry in the saga of the popular sci-fi character (who first appeared in the 2000 film Pitch Black, then again in his own 2004 solo venture, The Chronicles of Riddick) has had many starts and stops, the latest start being the actual start of production this past summer - the latest stop being a production halt this fall, when the production company, One Race Films, failed to pay its debt to the studio where Riddick 3 is being shot.

However, in a new update we're hearing that Riddick 3 has secured new funding, and production will soon be back on track.

TMZ (which first reported on the production halt) has the exclusive on Riddick 3's resurrection. According to the outlet, Michel Trudel - the man who own the Montreal studio where the film is being shot - is no longer padlocking the studio doors, since (surprise) Once Race Films has paid their bill in full. The cast and crew of the film is now officially allowed on the premises again, and production is set to resume on December 28th.

However, there is also word that One Race Films owes money to the members of the Riddick 3 crew - though "sources connected with the production" are assuring that all crew members will be paid in full.

Some Riddick 3 plot details surfaced earlier this year, revealing a story that picks up right after The Chronicles of Riddick (with Riddick crowned leader of the Necromonger armada), with Riddick fending off assassins, monsters and bounty hunters as he makes his way toward his home planet of Furya. The movie also has direct ties to the original Pitch Black, bringing the trilogy full-circle, a la The Dark Knight Rises. If you want to know some of the more SPOILERISH plot details, you can head over to Moviehole. For a SPOILER-FREE look at the story details, check out our Riddick 3 script review.

Riddick Concept Art from the New Movie

Riddick is a cult-favorite amongst sci-fi lovers and Vin Diesel fans alike, but as far as mainstream audiences go, this is film is not really a must-see. Still, the script sounds like it's pretty fun, and the early concept art designs for the film have been pretty interesting. Also, if the recent Fast and the Furious installments have been anything to judge by, Vin Diesel is on something of a comeback streak as far as revisiting his most successful roles goes.

Riddick 3 will be back in production later this month. We'll keep you updated on what develops.

Source: TMZ

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