Early 'Riddick 3' Concept Art

Vin Diesel in Riddick

Action star Vin Diesel has been going against the tide with the way he updates people on his movie projects, by opting use to Facebook instead of the now-popular Twitter. His latest update on the third Riddick film - which has a tentative title of simply Riddick - is some early concept art.

The confirmation of Riddick 3 came in February and right now the project is in pre-production with a tentative shooting start date of sometime later this year. Supposedly the third film will be more Pitch Black than Chronicles of Riddick (thank god!) and we even learned recently what the plot will roughly be).

Here's what we know:

“Riddick” delivers on both counts. Though billed as a back-to-basics approach to the character popularized by Diesel, the script features the character — the most wanted man in the galaxy — left for dead on a barren alien planet, dealing with “trisons” (three-legged bisons) and “mud demons.” He must then contend with two squads of bounty hunters, one of which ride rockets called jetcycles.

Sounds like the right back-to-basics plot Riddick needs, the kind that focuses more on the actual titular character and less on the world that surrounds him (one of the many, many, problems The Chronicles of Riddick had).

Check out the cool early concept art, which appears to show Riddick losing a battle with one of those "mud demons" mentioned in the plot description above. Below it we've also included the Facebook message Diesel left:

Riddick 3 early creature concept art

Early Riddick concept art... first frame of a 2D Motion Choreography Study.


The Furian... left for dead...

p.s. Being involved in the various preproduction engines, I am afforded an education that is priceless. I have always been a fan of internships as a way of education. When Steven Spielberg hired me for 'Ryan, the running joke was, that I would have come to set to just get him coffee... haha, he didn't have to write a role for me - it was an amazingly educational experience.

Although just concept art that may not actually be used for the movie, the pic still hints that they're heading in the right direction with Riddick. Out of the two creatures mentioned in the plot outline above - "trisons" and "mud demons" - I think the one depicted above is more likely the "mud demon" because it has four legs ("trisons" supposedly have just three).

I'm excited to see another Riddick film. Even though the second one let me down immensely, I still think the character has so much potential as a franchise action hero. I love Pitch Black, and the fact that Riddick looks to be getting back to what made that first film so great makes me anticipate it greatly.

What do you make of the the early concept art for Riddick? Do you think with that they're taking the franchise back in the right direction?

Riddick will supposedly start filming sometime later this year and you can expect a 2011 release (although nothing has actually been set).

Source: Vin Diesel's Facebook Page (via First Showing)

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