New 'Riddick' International Poster

The Fast and the Furious may have catapulted Vin Diesel to stardom (and launched a still-thriving franchise), but before that, action fans knew him as the mercenary antihero Richard B. Riddick in director David Twohy's 2000 sci-fi thriller, Pitch Black.

That film eventually led its director and star to reunite for a sequel – The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) – which traded in its predecessor's more low-key, atmospheric tone for a grander scale. The resulting film failed to meet expectations at the box office, but regardless, Diesel and Twohy have consistently talked up a third installment in the Riddick series, appropriately titled Riddick.

Now, courtesy of CineHeroes (via I Am Rogue), we have our first look at the film's international poster. See it below:




Much has been said of how Riddick marks a return to the darker (i.e. R-rated) territory of Pitch Black, and the simple but eye-catching design of this poster reflects that. In fact, its use of a planetary horizon and a close look of Diesel himself serves as a neat combination of elements from previous entries in the series.

The film's previously-released synopsis reveals that Riddick finds himself left for dead on a desolate planet. There he faces a deadly alien race and a group of mercenaries whose ship is his only chance for survival. The only problem is, they too are hunting Riddick.

Since nearly a decade has passed since the release of the last film, Riddick is charged with the task of reining fans back in for another adventure with Diesel's other signature character (though a case could be made for xXx's Xander Cage as well). The film's performance may decide the long-term future of the franchise, and it will be interesting to see if Twohy and Diesel have a hit on their hands.

Are you psyched for another Riddick adventure, Screen Rant readers? Sound off in the comments.

Riddick does not currently have a release date, but it is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2013. Stay tuned for further details on the film as it draws closer to release.

Source: CineHeroes (via I Am Rogue)

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New 'Riddick' International Poster